Friday, August 22, 2014


                                                  MATTERS IN MAINE


          The Anson Advocate understands that the same party that exchanged old Anson
     bonds for new ones last week, had $2,000 of Embden bonds, and that the town
     authorities offer to pay 50 per cent of the principal and accumulated interest, which
     the holder declined to take, and thinks when the holder of Embden's bonds decline to
     50 cents on the dollar that they make a mistake, as there is more likely to be a reaction,
     and refusal to pay anything next spring than that they can pay more.


          Seven verdicts were rendered and sixteen divorces granted by the Supreme Court,
     which just adjourned at Belfast. Alfred L. Dorman, for burning a store house in
     Burnham, was sentenced to three years in State Prison.

          Captain Royal P. Brown of  Calais, about 60 years old, a fish peddler, has not lived
     with his wife for some time. Thursday week while trying to sell her some fish, they got
     into a dispute, when he assaulted the woman with a knife, inflicting a serious, but not
     fatal wound, He was arrested, waived examination, and furnished bail for appearance
     the January term of court.
          At Cherryfield Saturday, the wife of George K. Hill, aged 35, blew out her brains
     with a shot gun. She was partially insane. (as written)


          The Times says it is reported that 300 or more sheep have been killed by dogs
     lately in Elliot. One day during the past week, Mr. Mellville Raitt had a flock of
     16 nearly destroyed.
          The only seat in the State Legislature likely to be contested is that of the
     Representative from the towns of York and Wells, which by the apportionment of
     1871 were classed together. The apportionment act did not state which town should
     elect in 1882, therefore each town voted for a representative on its own book. In York,
     John E. Staples (Rep.) had 235 votes. In Wells, Lamont E. Fisher (Dem.) received
     321 votes.
          Lowell-Mrs. S. D. Moulton is putting the foundation for her new hotel, which is to
     have front of 36 feet, will be 110 feet in depth and three stories in height.
          The new box factory at Somesville, Saco, built by George W. Frost, Beverly, Mass.,
     is completed. One half of his new crew are now at work, and are turning out daily over
     10,000 feet of boxes.  About thirty men have been employed in the building of the
          The oldest church in Maine, the First Congregational at York Village, was re-
     dedicated Thursday, General J. L. Chamberlain preaching. The church was built in
     1827, and was served for 47 years by the celebrated Parson Moody, its present pastor
     being Rev. David B. Sewall, a descendant of the Sewall's figuring in early New
     England history. The church edifice has been reconstructed.

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