Friday, August 1, 2014


                                                           CITY ITEMS

         Mrs. Charles Griffin of Harrison, while passing through this city, was suddenly
     seized with a fit at the house of a friend on Saturday evening and expired before
     medical aid could be obtained.
          Mr. Frank Skillin, of Cape Elizabeth, while going home over Vaughan's bridge
     on Saturday night fell overboard, and though he clung to a spile (stake)  for a while,
     and persons passing attempted to reach him, he was obliged to let go and was drowned;
     the next morning the body was found on the fish weir; he was fifty years old, and
     leaves a wife and nine children.
          Mr. David Mitchell, some time steward at the Marine Hospital and a Scotchman
     by birth, died at Bradley's Hotel, in this city recently; he was a man of some education,
     and contributed some well written sketches to our columns; though a stranger he
     received every attention from Mr. Richards, landlord of the hotel, who handed over all
     his effects, including quite a little sum in the Savings Bank to the Overseers of the Poor.
          Pat Conley snatched Frank Miller's watch on Commercial wharf, and ran off with
     it, but officer Hanson soon overhauled him.
          The new ferry boat arrived on Saturday and will soon be on the route; she is called
     the Josephine Hovey, of 25 horse power.
          Portland has twelve sons in the State Prison.

          At a meeting in Washington of Saturday night, of the Congressional Temperance
     Society, of which Senator Wilson is President and Honorable John Lynch, Treasurer,
     an address was made by Rev.  Dr. Chickering, formerly of this city.
          Fifty-five member of the House of Representatives have voted in favor of
     female suffrage.



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