Sunday, August 24, 2014



          NOTICES.-Portland, Oct. 31st.-Notice is hereby given that the Bell Boat of
     White Head, Penobscot Bay, having been badly damaged has been removed and
     an automatic Bell Buoy moored in its place. This change is permanent.
                                                                          By order of the L. H. Board,
                                                                                 A. S. CROWNINSHEILD.
                                                                                            l. H. Inspector 1st Dist.

          Launched-At Damariscotta, 24th inst., by Haggett & Co., a ship of 1806 tons,
     named "Elizabeth," owned by the builders, the Pendleton's of Searsport and others,
     to be commanded by Phineas Pendleton, of Searsport.
          At Thomaston, 25th inst., by Dunn & Elliot, a three-masted schooner of 450 tons,
     named the "Carrie Strong," owned by the builders. Capt. J. L. Strong, who is to
     command her, and others. The keel for another large schooner will be laid in this
     yard immediately.
          At Bath, 25th, by Deering & Donnell, a three-masted schooner of 450 tons,
     owned by B. W. & H. F. Morse, of Bath.
          At Rockland, 28th, by Cobb, Wright & Co., schooner "Nahum Chapin," 566 tons,
     owned by the builders. Capt. Seth Arey, (who will command her) and others. She
     is ready for sea and will land in Portland for Rosario, (Argentina.)
          At Bath, A. Swell & Co., will launch in about six weeks a schooner 500 tons,
     to be commanded by Capt. Fletcher, late of schooner Carrie N. Bailey, Perkins
     and Blaisdell are building a pilot boat for parties in Brunswick, Georgia.
          Barque Penang, from Pensacola, Florida for Buenos Ayres, Argentina,
     before reported wrecked on Sandy Cay, registered 583 tons, and was built in 1864
     at Bath where she was owned by J. Patten and others.
          The clipper schooner Unie McKown, 142 tons, built at Boothbay in 1875, has been
     sold to H. P. Dyer & Co., of New York, at $8,000. She is to be employed in the
     Central American trade.
          Rockland, October 27th.-a bell buoy has been placed on South Breaker near White
     Head Light, to take the place of the bell  taken for repairs.
          The South Shoal Lightship, before reported adrift, has been recovered and
     replaced on its station.
          Schooner Jed F. Duren, sunk in Quoddy Bay in the gale of 15th inst., has been
     raised and floated into 4 feet of water on Cranberry Point, Campbello by tug
     H. Welman. After discharging balance of cargo, will be towed to Calais to repair.
     She shows no strain above top.
          At Philsburg, C. V. Minot will commence work immediately on a ship of
     1,804 tons.
          Barque Malleville, from Shanghai for Victoria, (Australia?) which was wrecked
     10th inst., registered 924 tons, was built at Freeport in 1866, where she was mostly
     owned. She was valued at about $20,000, and partially insured.
          Schooner Florence Randall, loading at Bath, has beside ice in the hold all the light
     spars, iron work, capstans and many other articles for the 1,600 ton schooner
     building by Goss A. Page at Alexandria, Virginia.
          The large ship in the yard of A. Sewall & Co., at Bath is approaching completion
     and will be launched this month. Captain James Murphy of Bath is to command her.



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