Wednesday, June 3, 2015


          In this city, April 5th, Ellen Stockbridge, aged 74.
          In this city, April 15th, Anne E.  Sanford.
          In this city, April 13th, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Robert F. Jones, aged 42.
          In this city, April 10th, Mrs. Jennie M, wife  of John B. Anderson, aged 43.
          In this city, April 8th, Henry A. Usher, aged 45 years, 6 months.
          Pownal, March 28th, Rachel D., wife of Herbert M. Reed, aged 20
          East Corinth, April 3rd, Mrs. Sarah K. True, of Montville, aged 77.
          Pemaquid (Bristol) April 9th,  Loring Brackett, aged 7 years.
          New Gloucester, April 9th, Elizabeth L.  Patterson, 85.
          Stow, Oxford County, April 4th, Sylvester Emerson, aged 55.
          Saco, April 6th, Dr. Lewis N. Allen, aged 37.
          Bath, April 7th, Mrs.  Dolly Havnes, aged 87.
          South Berwick, March 20th, Mrs. Ellen S. Webster, 40.
          Phillips, April 2nd, Abbie M. French, aged 22.
          Topsham, April 6th, Mrs. Sarah Graves, aged 62.
           St. Albans, April 9th, Peter Grant, aged 49.
           Monmouth, April 5th, James H. Allen, aged 30.
           Orono, April 8th, Mrs. Laura G. Crowell, aged 78.
           Winterport, April 3rd, Mrs. Lydia Thompson, aged 63.
           Northport, April 5th, Captain Jeremiah Hard, aged 33.
           Waldoboro, April 7th, Mrs. Almeda Stahl, aged 26.
           Leeds, April 6th, Mrs. Lydia Howard, aged 82.
           Winthrop, April 7th, Mrs. Thurston Wood, aged 66.
           Waterville, April 1st, Thomas Cook, aged 77.
           South Thomaston, April 4th, Mrs. Jane Perry.
           Thomaston, April 3rd, Marias Day, aged 59.
           Thomaston, April 4th, Mrs. Betsey Gran, aged 68.
           Thomaston, April 8th, Mrs. Mary Wilson, aged 85..
           Waldoboro, April 9th, Mrs. Eliza D. Gay, aged 75.
           Winthrop, April 12th, Samuel Thompson, aged 61.
           Unity, April 12th, Mrs. Sarah Chase, aged 72.
           South Thomaston, April 1st, Robert V. Monroe, aged 26.


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