Wednesday, April 29, 2015


                                                        MAINE MATTERS
          John Mathews, of Warren, fell into the hold of the ship J. B. Thomas at
     Thomaston last Friday, and died the next day.
          Albert S. Eells, on of the original settlers of Rockport, died last Sunday. He
     was for many years engaged in ship building.
         Professor A. R.  Dunton, of Camden, is preparing for the press a book setting
     forth his reasons for still believing that Nathan F. Hart is innocent of the murder
      of  Mrs. Merservey, for which he is suffering a life sentence in the State prison.
     He  has been studying the matter for three and one-half years, and is more than
     ever convinced that a cruel wrong has been done to an innocent man.
          The Knox Bar Association is taking action upon the charges preferred against
      W. C. Perrigo, formerly of Rockland, who is accused of adultery, forgery, and an
      attempt at blackmail.  A committee is investigating the matter.
          Captain Roscoe Babbidge of North Island, took 800 barrels of mackerel in
     two weeks.
           The Rockland Courier relate a case that might have easily developed into
     another Willie Cain case. Johnnie Davis, aged 10 and Willie Gray, aged 5 went
     sailing one forenoon, and were driven by a strong wind on the rocks of the shore
     west of Easter's Cove. A severe storm raged all night and the boys did not come
      home. The next forenoon the older boy arrived home and told several conflicting
     stories about his little companion, and there were suspicions that he had made way
     with him. But toward night the little fellow was found in a field, apparently lifeless,
      lying with face downward. He was carried to a house, and after a long time
      restored to consciousness. For 24 hours this 5 year old boy had been exposed in
      a open field, clad only in a thin pair of pants and a light waist coat, exposed to the
     pitiless rain and the stinging cold. A tough constitution alone saved  his life. He
     was soon  playing around the streets as well as ever. The case affords a curious
     parallel to the Rockport tragedy, as the Courier states it. If Willie had not been
     resuscitated, the circumstantial evidence against Johnnie would have been very
     strong against because of his conflicting stories to account for come  home without
     the little boy who had accompanied him.
          The Cobb Lime Company, have loaded sixteen  vessels for various ports during
     the week, as specified in our marine  column, with a total of 14,000 casks.  In
     addition they shipped 1,300 casks over the K. & L. for sundry points. The shipments
     by rail have largely increased, the total being 325 cars for last year, while up to the
     present time this year 400 cars have been shipped. There is good demand the New
     York market continuing stead at $1.10 and $1.25.  Rockland Courier.

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