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              In this city January 17th, by Rev. J. R. Crosser, Hugh J. Nixon and Fannie
          Seeley, both of Portland.
              In this city January 16th, Frank Purington of Derring, and Maria H. Campbell
          of Portland.
              In this city January 10th, by Rev. S. W. Pearson, Charles Burg of Fort Preble
          and Nellie Grews of Portland.
              In Saccarappa January 12th, Fred W. Libby and Celia Laurie.
              In West Paris January 10th, by Rev. J. C. Andrews, Osgood J. Swan of
          Greenwood, Oxford County and Annie Farr of Alfred.
              In Liberty January 13th, W. A. Davis and Alice A. Silbly both of Montville.
              In Richmond January 12th, Fred J. Libby and Mae Bailey both of Richmond.
              In Bangor January 13th, Thomas A Butler and Sarah E. Chick.
              In Boston John Hill, of Boston and Cora Wormwood of Biddeford.
              In Bath January 12th, Captain Chester Wallace of the schooner Oliver
          S. Barrett, and Belle Harrington, daughter of Charles Harrington.
              In Boothbay December 29th, William Whitten and Jennie L. Dickerson/
          both of Westport.
              In Shapleigh, Bradley Pitts and Mrs. Mary Abbott.
              In Searsport January 1st, Daniel Harriman and Faustina M. Eames, both
          of Prospect.
              In Searsmont January 1st, N. W. Richards of Searsmont  and Hattie E.
          Thomas of Lincolnville.
              In Union January 1st, Miles B. Mank and Annie E. Boggs, both of Warren.
              In Eastport January 9th, by Rev. H. D. Catlin, William H. Walker of Portland,
          and Nellie M Claridge of Eastport.
              In Phipsburg January 12th, Amasa Jewett and Fanny J. Crosby, both of
              Bristol January 8th, Edward Gray and Leanth S. Carter of Bristol.
              In Biddeford January 17th, Luville Emmons and Nancy Welch.
              In Lancaster, New Hampshire, January 14th, William W. Jewell of
          Gorham, N. H. and Ella A. Burns of Portland.
              In Portsmouth, N. H. January 10th, Marcus Watson of Westbrook and
          and Mrs. Emma Garvin of Biddeford.
              In Mechanics Falls January 10th, Edgar Thayer of Portland and Hattie
          Noyes of Minot.
               In West Gardiner January 12th, Marcellus Hunt and Matilda A. Douglas.
               At Kent's Hills December 13th, Harry L. Webber and Hattie M. Cressy.
               In Machiasport January 12th, Dr. J. A. McDonald and Effie M. Harrison /
          Harmon (?)
               In Rockland January 12, Eugene F.  Follett and Elmira S. Wheeler, both of
               In Warren December 23rd, William A. Hawes and Mary H. Williams.
               In Andover, New Hampshire January 1st, George W. Beatty of Saco, and
          Rose Currier of Saco.
               In Richmond January 12, James W.  Hoyt and Nellie Sutherland.
              In Gray January 18th, by Rev. E. Bean, Howard S. Perley of North
          Yarmouth and Mary J. Perley of Gray.
               In Waldoboro' by Rev. John Bulfinch, Captain Jonathan Mathew of
          South Dennis, Mass., (master of schooner J. Manchester Hayes) and
          Mary F., daughter of the Late Alfred Storer, Esq., of Waldoboro.
              In Searsport January  10th, Henry D. Rollins of Tacoma Washington
          Territory and Carrie B. Roberts of Searsport.
              In Rockland January 9th, T. H. Fields of Rockland and Addie Haskell
          of Deer Isle.
              In Franklin December 24th, Gleason E. Scammon and Grace M. Ash.
              In Augusta January 18th, Harry R. Lishness and Mattie Fisher.
              In Gardiner January 19th, Charles A. Case of New Bedford, Mass.,
          and Nellie M. Townsend of Gardiner.
              In  Bangor January 16th, Joseph Speers and Lizzie J. Wright, both of
              In Biddeford January 16th, Wiggin of Saco and Nellie Shaw of
              In Mont Desert January 16th, Charles S. Leland and Ida M. Richardson,
          both of Mont Desert.
              In West Paris January 12th, Charles W. Campbell and Mrs. Mary
          Seibering, both of Minot.
              In Belfast December 26th, Adrian C. Tuttle and Minnie M. Wentworth.
              In Rockland January 2nd, Charles R. Ingraham and Laura E. Paul.
              In Lisbon Falls January 10th, Harry L. Doughty  of Lisbon and Etta
          Field of Durham.
              In Lisbon Falls, January 12th, W. H. Douglas of Durham and Mrs. Eliza
          B. Clason of Lisbon.
              In Augusta January 16th, J. Prescott Davis and Annie G. Fox.
              In Rockland January 14th, Frank B. Clough of Rockland and Nettie
         M. Hill of Rockport.
              In South Thompson January 9th, Charles Lindsey and Nettie E., oldest
          daughter of Captain Oscar Crockett of Ash Point.
              In Lancaster, New Hampshire, January 14th  by Rev. Mr. Bowler, Mr.
          William W. Jewett of Gorham and Ella A. Burn of Portland.
             In Saco January 17th, Ira H. Foss and Fannie Twombly, both of Saco.
             In Kennebunkport, Roscoe E. Littlefield and Hope V. Hubbard.
             In Norway, Maine, January 12th,  Lindon M. Cox and Etta M. Hamilton,
          both of Paris.
              In Kezar Falls January 8th, Dr. F. G. Daveraug of Parsonsfield  and
          S. Evelyn Ridlon of Porter.
              In Bethel January 11th, Hano (sic) A. Packard and Ella M. Bean,
          both of Bethel.
              In Philadelphia January 1st, at the residence of Rev. E. C. Sweetser,
          D.D.D., Merrill M. Hildreth  of Washington, D. C. and Cleora H. Decoster
          of Buckfield, Maine.
              In Ligonia, (Portland West) January 15th, Daniel Jones and Alice Patten
          both of Cape Elizabeth.
              In South Freeport January 18th, William A. True of Lynn, Mass., and Gertrude
          C. Stubbs of Pownal.
              In Damariscotta January16th, Edward Gay and Harriet J. Chapman.
              In Waldoboro January 10th,  Captain S. K. Stahl and Fannie E. Webb.
              In Friendship January 15th, F. W. Winchenpaw and Mamie J. Thomas.
              In Mechanic Falls January 12th Edgar L. Thayer  of Portland and Hattie
          E. Noyes of Minot.
              In West Gardiner, January 12th, Mareellus Hunt and Matilda A.
              At Kent's Hill January 13th, Harry L.Webber and Hattie M. Cressy.
              At Prospect Harbor January 5th, John W. Noonan and Celia C. Temple,
      both of Gouldboro.
             In Deer Isle December 28th, Fred Greenlaw and Maud A. Gray.

               In this city January 17th, Alice daughter of Matthew and Lizzie Kelly, aged
          17 months.
              In this city January 18th, George W. Brown, aged 79 years, 11 months.
              In this city January 18th, Hannah M., wife of Captain Ansel Dyer.
              In this city January 16, Georgiana L., wife of Richard Acres (G. T. R.)
              In this city January 19th, William D. Mariner, aged 64 years, 8 months.
              In this city January 18th, John B. Masterson, aged 63 years.
              In this city January 19th, George Bender, aged 38 years.
              In this city January 25th, Jane C., wife of William F. Brown, aged
          aged 63 years, 11 months.
              In this city January 20th, Fred S., son of Charles and Lydia A. Bond,
          aged 16 years, 9 months.
              In this city January 16th, Mary Ann Hayes, wife of Thomas O'Neil, aged
          36 years, 11 months.
              In this city January 21st, Patrick Mahoney.
              In this city January 21st, Michale J. Coyne, aged 80 years. (St. John, N.
          B. and Boston paper please copy.)
              In this city January 17th, after a brief sickness, Walter E. Carville, aged 20
          years, 9 months, 10 days; youngest son of Ezra R. and Dorcas A. Carville.
                                  "For note return from those quiet shores
                                   Who cross with the boatman cold and pale,
                                   We hear the dip of the golden oars,
                                    and catch a glimpse of the shadow sail,
                                   And, oh they are gone from our yearning hearts.
                                   They cross the stream and are gone for aye,
                                   We may not sunder the vail apart
                                   That hides from our vision the gates of day,
                                    We only know that his bark (barque) no more,
                                    Shall sail with oar o'er life troubled main,
                                    Ye somewhere we know on that unseen shore
                                     He is joyfully waiting to meet us again.
               In Yarmouth January 20th, John W. Bucknam, aged 4 years, 6 months,
          22 days.
               In Biddeford January 11th, Albert Thurston, aged 51 years, formerly of
          Bristol; 8th Sarah Foster.
              In Norway, Maine January 6th, Mrs. Docas McFadden, aged 63 years, 9
              In Lewiston January 13th, Mrs. Emma Goodridge, aged 6? years.
              In Saco Januay 10th, John Noyes, aged 71 years; 14th Horace Perkins.
              Charlestown, Mass., January 17th, Alvin G. Sawyer, formerly of Cape
          Elizabeth, aged 65.
              In Auburn January 13th, Mrs. Bedelia Faley, formerly of Portland,
          aged 61 years, 9 months.
              At sea November 25th, Fred Ernest, second son of Captain Henry A.
          and Lizzie Irvine, formerly of Portland, aged 19 years, 2 months.
              In Augusta January 18th, James W. White, aged 37 years.
              In Chelsea January 12th, Mrs.  Emma J. Littlefield, aged 39 years.
              In Randolph January 8th, Mrs. Mary P. Day, aged 72 years.
              In Boothbay January 13, Daniel Sawyers, aged 6 years.
              In Biddeford January 12th, Alonzo F. Hanson, aged 28 years.
              In Saco January 12th, Lucella E. Merrill, aged 38 years.
              In Saco January 11th, James Norris, aged 78 years.
              At Clay Springs, Florida, January 13th, Lydia A., widow of the late
          Rev. Joseph B. Stevens, formerly of West Falmouth, aged 70 years,
      8 months.
              In Santa Clara, California, January 3rd, Hannah D. Freeman, Jr., formerly
         of Minot, aged 61 years, 7 months.
              In Millbridge January 8th, James E. Foster, aged 24 years.
              In Cherryfield, Mrs. Amella Hutchinson, aged 72 years.
              In Bath January 9th, William T.Nugent, aged 40 years.
              In Newcastle, December 30th, Capt Andrew Elliot, aged 72 years.
              Waterville January 3rd, Luther B. Paine, aged 43 years.
              In Middletown, N. Y., January 6th, Captain D. Fuller, of Lubec, aged
          63 years.
              In Washington, D. C., January 2nd, Eliza P. Prince, formerly of
          Thomaston, aged 57 years.
              In Charlestown, S. C. December 23rd, Captain William M. Murphy,
          formerly of Eastport, aged 53.
             In Brunswick January 14th, of pneumonia, Honorable Marshall Cram,
          aged 34 years.
               In Lower Biddeford January 14th, Captain Thomas Goldthwaite.
               In Old Orchard January 15th, Charles W. Banks, aged 41 years.
               In Biddeford January 16, Mrs. Vesta E. Whitney, aged 53 years.
               In Farmington January 8th, Julia Fitzgerald, aged 10 months.
               In Minot Corner January 13th, Emery Wallace Mizer, aged 1 year.
               In New York January 13, Lizzie A., wife of Frank Randwitz, and daughter
       of John H. L. and Jennie Ross, aged 32 years, 6 months.
               In Bridgton January 13th, William Small, aged 68 years, 5 months.
               In Denmark, Maine, January 13th, Joseph Trumble, aged 78 years,
        6 months.
               In Brunswick January 11th, Daniel chase, aged 83 years, 9 months.
               In Topsham January 12th, Alvin W. Hunter, aged 72 years.
               In Porter January 3rd, Mrs. Thomas Maso, aged about 83.
               In East Buckfield January 2nd, Sullivan Decoster, aged 71 years.
               In New York City January 9th, Calvin B. Drake, formerly of Portland,
        aged 44 years, 9 months. (His funeral took place Friday last.)
               In Rockland January 7th, John D. Miller, aged 48 years, 4 months.
               In West Camden December 30th, Julia, widow of James Blood, aged
       76 years.
              In Chelsea December 20th, Captain Carlston H. Powers of Deer Isle,
         aged 21 years.
              In Orland January 5th, Sarah Ingalls, aged 43 years.
              In Bucksport January 13th, Carrie L. Smith, aged 25 years.
              In Rockland January 13th, Stephen H. Clark, aged 60 years, 4 months.
              In Bath January 13th, Albert G. Page, aged 71 years, 6 months.
              In Belfast, January 13th, Eva E., wife of Fred W. Banks, aged 37 years.
              In South Thomaston, January 13th, Samuel B. Ball, aged 70 years 10 months.
              In Rockland January 13th, Mrs. Margaret Carroll, aged 58 years, 11 months.
              In Oakland, California, January 6th, Mrs. Mary E. Betaneue, aged 66 years,
           daughter of the late David Perry of Bath.
              At Cape Sable Island, January 11th, Martha A., wife of Rev. C. B. Atwood,
          aged 40 years.
              In Raymond January 16th, Sewal Welch, aged 72 years.
              In Saco, January 17th, James R. Norris, aged 77 years 5 months.
              In Porter, January 1st, Winthrop Mor III>
              In Brunswick January 11th, Daniel Chase, aged 83 years, 9 months.
              In Ellsworth Falls, January 9th, Eva J. Marshall, of Trenton, aged 20 years.
              In Lamoine January 11th, George L. Young, aged 29 years, 4 months.
              In South Gouldboro, November 27th, Jane H. Sargent, widow of the late
          Jotham Sargent.
              In Belfast January 10th, Mary A. Worthing, aged 79 years.
              At West Gloucester, January 18th, Eliza Abbott, aged 80 years.
              In Baldwin January 14th, Bertha Mabel Black, daughter of Eugene and
          Rose B. Black, aged 2 years, 3 months, 1 day.



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