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                                                         "So learn ye whose vows are plighted,
                                                       That hearts are one when united."

              In this city, 24th ult., by Rev. J. R. Scott, Mr. Nathaniel B. Welsh  to Miss Olive
           G. Shepard, both of Portland.
              In this city 25th ult., at St. Lukes Church, by Right Rev. Bishop Southgate, Mr.
          Richard S. Scammon to Miss Ann P. Smardon.
              In this city 25th ult., by Rev. Mr. Farrington, Mr. Daniel Mayberry to Mrs. Sarah
          Harmon, all of this city.
             In Biddeford, 21st  ult., by Rev. Mr. Sinclair, Anson Jordan, Esq., of Casco to Miss
         Henrietta W. Thurlow, of Poland, Maine.
             In Minot. 20th ult., Mr. George A. Humphrey to Miss Lydia E. Herrick, both of
          Yarmouth;  9th ult., Mr. John Patch to Miss Harriet N. Campbell, both of Minot.
             In Kennebunkkport, Mr. Henry A. Bradstreet, of Gardiner, to Miss Frances A.
          Mason, of Kennebunkport.
             In Buxton, Mr. James Towle, of Saco, to Miss Caroline Hanson, of Buxton.
             In Durham, Maine, 24th ult., Mr. Benjamin Greene, of Cranston, Rhode Island, to
          Lois, daughter of the late Stephen Jones of Brunswick.
             In Standish, 7th ult., Mr. John E. Merrill to Mss Sarah Hasty, both of Standish.
             In Bethel, Mr. Calvin Cummings to Miss Louisa  York.
             In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr. William S. Blanchard to Miss Abby Merrill,
          Both of Cumberland, Maine.

                                                          "This is the end of earth."

              In this city, 28th ult., Mrs. Judith Steele, relict of the late Captain Joseph  Steele,
          aged 89.
              27th ult., Mrs. Charlotte B., wife of Mr. John A. Wheelock, of Boston, and
          daughter of John A. Belkam, Esq., of this city, aged 25 years.
              23rd ult., infant daughter of Nathaniel and Mary W. Thompson, aged 3 1/2
              25th ult., Mrs.  Sarah Ring, widow of Aaron Ring , formerly of Edgecomb, aged
          67 1/2 years.
              29th ult., Mr. Edward Gay, aged 48.
              In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 26th ult., Clara Smith, daughter of Charles E. and
          Mary Olivia Bennett, of this city, aged 3 years.
              In New York, Mr. Azel Skillings, 31 formerly of of this city.
              In Scarboro', Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Rodney and Louisa Libbey, aged 22 years
             In Hollis, 23rd, Mr. Edward B. Perkins, aged 23 years.
             In Westbrook, 25th ult., Susan M., wife of Moses Roberts, aged 35.
             In North Yarmouth, 27th ult., Moses Greenleaf, aged about 70.
             In New Glouscester, 25th ult., Ruth E., daughter of the late Nehemiah Reyerson,
          of this city, aged 24 years, 8 months.
             In Bangor, 23rd ult., Mrs. Mary C., wife of Gilman Harriman, Esq., aged 43.
             In Wiscasset, 13th ult., suddenly, Deacon Warren Rice, formerly Register of Deed
          Lincoln County.
             In  Bath, 25th ult., Thomas Agry, Esq.
             In California, Novermber 7th., William Sargent  of North Yarmouth, aged 26.
             Lost overboard from  ship Talasser, 3rd ult., William Wallace, seaman of Castine.
             On board steamship Golden Gate, on the passage from Panama to San Francisco,
          Daniel McKennan, of Oldtown.
            In California, Captain Eli Merriman, of Brunswick, Maine; Nov. 1st., Calvin N.
         Reed, of Bath, Me., at Mokelumne Hill, Cal.; November 11th, Leonard Bagley, son
         of John Bagley, of North Searmont, Me., on board steamer Oregon; Joseph Turner,
         of Ellsworth, Me.; Newell S. Page of Dexter, Me.; on board the North America, E. G
         Page, of Como, Maine. Como is part of  Harmony, Somerset County, Me.
                                                        MAINE MATTERS

              Shocking Accident. A marriage was solemnized in Norway, Me., on Sunday evening
           last; and a lot of thoughtless boys and young men, in consequence of a disparity of years
           in married parties, undertook to serenade, in Calathumpian style the married couple. The
         result was that one of them, the son of Captain Jere Forster, aged about 20, was so badly
         wounded in one of his eyes and his nose, by the shot from a gun that he was not expected
         to live through yesterday. Two others of the party were also slightly wounded. The matter
         will undergo a legal investigation.
              Missing Man. Mrs. Z. E. Hardy, of  Newry, Me., writes us in much anxiety as to
          the whereabouts of her husband, Mr. Zebadiah Hardy, "executor of Townley & Hardy's
          Panorama of the Creation," who left home in May last, writing that he was on his way
          to New York,: and has not since been heard from. Any information respecting him will
          be thankfully recieved by Mr. Hardy, at Newry, Me.

              The officers for the present quarter of the Anawamkeag Lodge of United Brothers at
          Sullivan, Me., are as follows-General Bragdon, G. S.; D. A. Simpson, G. V.; J. C.
          Chilcott S. and T.; Calvin B. Hodgkins, C.; John G. Mosely, W.' Edmund M. Bradgon,
          C.;  Charles F. Pray, J. G.; Watson E. White, O. G.

              The paper mill at Saccarappa was wholly destroyed by fire on Saturday morning last.
          It was carried on by a Mr. Gilpatrick, who had recently put in new machinery.

                                I hereby forbid all persons harboring or trusting
                                Hannah Shaw  or Erastus Shaw on my accont, for
                                I shall pay no debts of their contracting.
                                                                                MELVIN SHAW
                               Standish, Dec. 30, 1851




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