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                                                  INTENDED   MARRIAGES
                                           "Risk not through haste a life of Love."

              Mr. John Hor, and Miss Mary E. S. Hanna, both of Portland.
              Mr. James S. Gould of Portland, and Miss Corneilia Wickliffe, of Charleston,
          North Carolina.
              Mr. Thomas J. Grove and Miss Impolita Loretta, both of Portland.
              Mr. Josiah Waterhouse of Portland, and Miss Elizabeth Brown of West Bethel.

                                                  "So  learn, ye whose vows are plighted,
                                                That hearts are one when united."

              In this city on Tuesday afternoon, 15th inst.,  Rev. Dr. Nichols, Joseph Barbour,
          Esq., to Mrs. Agnes D. T.  Preble, both of Gorham.
              In this city, 10th inst., by Rev. J. S. Eaton, Mr. Charles H. Haskell, to Miss Mary
          Eliza, daughter of the late Mr. Z. Reynolds, of this city.
              In this city 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Eaton, Mr. Benjamin P. Weed, of Lowell, to Miss
         Mary E. Field, of Portland.
              In Thomaston, 30th inst., Rev. Oliver J. Fernald to Miss Susan M. B. Ludwig.
              In St. Andrews, 4th inst., Mr. Colin E. Cross, of St. John, New  Brunswick, to
           Elizabeth Kirkwood,  daughter of William Kimball, Esq., of this city.
              In Bangor, 8th inst., Mr. Samuel Doryen, to Miss Emily Jane DeLano.
              In Bath, 8th inst., Mr. James Grows to Miss Asenath Worry, both of Bath.
              In Jackson, New Hampshire, by J. P. Pitman, Esq., Mr. Joseph B. Trickery, to
          Miss Alice P. Meserve.

                                                      "This is the end of earth."

              In this city 18th ult., Mrs. H. Maria, wife of Mr. John B. Buttrick, aged 29.
          (New Hampshire and Massachusetts papers please copy.)
              In this city, 13th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Dressser, formerly of Fryeburg, aged 88
          years and 8 months.
              In this city, 9th inst., William H. Scagill, son of William and Elizabeth Scagill,
          aged 4 years.
              In Orwell, New York, 27th ult., Mrs. Olive K., wife of Ebenezer Knight, formerly
         of Falmouth, Maine, aged 62.
              In Berwick, Mrs. Nancy Nelson, aged 60 years. She was found dead in her bed.
              In Litchfield, 10th inst., after a short illness of two weeks, Mrs. Hannah Sanborn,
              aged 68.


              FIRE!  Last Sunday night about 9 o'clock, in the midst of a violent storm of wind
          and rain, fire was discovered bursting from the cooper's shop of Mr. Edwain Fernald,
          on Marina Wharf.  The fire department was soon on the ground, and notwithstanding the
          violence of the wind and the rage of the flames which were fed by a great amount of
          combustible material, succeeded in subduing the fire before it had spread much beyond
          it original limits.  The night was most tempestuous, and the howling of the wind, the
          rattling of the rain, the shouts of anxious men, the cries of affrighted women, and the lurid
         glare of the flames, conspired to render the scene truly terrible.
             The buildings destroyed, together with their contents, were a cooper's shop, and a
          large building used for storage on Main Wharf, owned by Mr. Edwin Fernald, and
          two cooper's shops and a boat building's shop on Stone Wharf, occupied by Messrs.
         Chase & Cushing, James L. Boyd, and Morreel & Dyer.
            A dwelling house at the head of Stone Whaft was also somewhat injured. Nearly
          1000 bushes of corn belonging to Mr. Fernald was destroyed, and he estimated his
          loss at $6000, insured for $5000.
            The loss on buildings owned by Mr. Elias Thomas is said to be about $4000. No
            The work was undoubtedly the  work of an incendairy, whose hellish deed will yet
          meet with its just punishment.

              Mrs. Betsey Merrill of Hebron, committed suicide by cutting her throat on Friday,
          last week.

              The following gentlemen have been appointed Collector of the Customs, in this State:
           Bela B. Haskell, Waldoborough, Mr.; Daniel Remic, Kennebunk, Me.; William B. Smith,
           Machias, Me.

              A. Mr. Shedd had his trunk broken open one day last week in Lewiston, and $35.00
          stolen therefrom. A fellow boarder, who started for Portland before the loss was discovered
          is supposed have been the theft.

              Lermond & O'Brien's store was burned in Thomaston a week since. Loss $4000;
          insured for $2000.

              The store of Mr. Seth Winship, near the head of India Street, was discovered to be
          on fire Tuesday night last, but the flames were extinguished before having done much

              A Miss Goodwin and another young lady while riding down a hill in  Lyman one day
          last week,  were thrown from the carriage and severely injured. The young lady is not
          expected to live.

              Johnathan McKenny, of Gray, has been on examination before Judge Fitch, for
          several days on the charge of murdering his wife some time since. Quite a number of
          witnesses were examined, and the examination has not been complieted when we went
          to press.

              The Following are recently elected officer of Volunteer Engine Co., No. 3: Charles
          H. Green, Foreman; Charles F. Little 1st Assistant Foreman; Albion Witham, 2nd
          Assistant Forman; Edward P. Little, Clerk; S. D. Merrill, Assistant Clerk.






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