Friday, July 26, 2013



              In this city November 11th, by Rev. C. J. Clark, D. D., George G. Austin and
          Florence M. Stafford, both of Portland.
             In this city, November 11th, at Congress Square Church by Rev. Henry Blanchard,
          Henry Parker Wood of San Rafael, California, and Kate Fullington Dyer, of Portland.
             In this city, November 9th, by Rev. J. M. Lowden, Stillman Dyer and Deborah Anne
          McDonald, both of Portland.
             In this city, November 10th, by Rev. Asa Dalton, D. D., Randolph H. Boynton and
          Ellen L. Smith, both of Portland.
             In this city November 14th, by Rev. J. W. Bashford, James Orchard and Rachel
          Orchard, both of  Portland.
             Augusta, November 12th, by Rev. H. J. White, Rev. B. F. Pritchard of Portland, and
          Alice C. Howe of Monticello, Aroostock County.
             Gray, October 25th, by Rev. F. P. Wormwood, William H. Dow and Clara W.
          Pennell, both of Gray.
             Gray, October 29th, by Rev. E. Bean, James Hunt and Juila E. Merrill, both of
              In Johnson, Vermont, November 4th, at the residence of the bride, by Rev. C. K.
          Sweat, Hanibal H. Best, of Enosburgh Falls, Franklin  County, and Minnie D., daugher of
          N.  L. Merrill.


              In this city, November 12th, Llewellyn  S., eldest twin of Theodore C. and the
          late Emma Davis, aged 9 months and 18 days.
             In this city, November 13th, Sarah L. Morris, aged 70 years.
             In this city, November 9th, Mrs. Johanna Ryan, aged 65 years.
             In this city, Novermber 13th, Sarah B., widow of the late Stephen Whitmore,
          aged 62 years.
             In this city, November 14th, Lucy,  widow of the late Michael Stevens, aged
          94 years, 10 months.
             In this city, November 14th, George H. Foster, aged 42 years; a member of
          Bosworth Post, G. A. R.
             In this city, November 16th, Herbert T., infant son of F. P. and Jenniephene
         Foley, aged 4 days.
             Harpswell, November 6th, Hannah A., widow of Deacon William Randall,
          aged 82 years.
             East Harpswell, November 10th, Ida P. Miller, aged 6 years, 11 months.
             South Paris, Maine, November 5th, David Jordan, aged 80 years, 9 months.
             Montreal, November 6th, of small pox Peter M., youngest son of the late James
          and Sarah Phalen of Port Medway, Nova Scotia, Canada
             Wellesley, Massachusetts, November 9th, Susan N., widow of the late John D.
          Gardiner, formerly of Portland, aged 81 years.
             San Francisco, October 28th, Mrs. Lena Nathan, a native of Clinton, Maine, aged
         41 years; Oct 29 Omar Pullen a native of Maine, aged 43 years.

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