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              Skowhegan, July 6th, to the wife of James B. Weston, a son.
              Skowhegan, July 8th, to the wife of Levi S. Varney, a daughter.
              Skowhegan, July 9th, to the wife of Ezra Staples, a son.
              Bridgton, July 11th, to the wife of James A. Fogg, a child.
              Fryeburg, July 7th, to the wife of Henry Abbot, a son.
              Lewiston, July 3rd, to the wife of M. W. Farr, a son.
              Lewiston, July 12th, to the wife of Nathaniel Stevens, a son.
              Paris, Maine, June 27th, to the wife of Luther P. Winslow, a son.


              In this city, July 15th, by Rev. A. K. P. Small, Archilaus S. Hammand,
          Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Mary E. Boyce, of Boycetown, New Brunswick.
              In this city, July 5th, Geoge C. Hobbs and Ella V. Baker, both of Portland.
              Saco, July 3rd, Oscar W. Rounds and Julia A. Bean.
              Skowhegan, July 5th, George H. Taylor and Jennie S. Malbon.
              Boston, Mass., July 5th, Joseph Smith and Annie S. Campbell, both of
              Arrowsic, July 11th, Alfred H. Berry, of Portland and  Frank (?) F. Crosby,
          of Arrowsic. (As written in the paper-maybe Frances?)
              Saco, July 16th, Thomas W. Clough, of Biddeford, and Lydia A. Tuttle.
              Paris, Maine, July 2nd, William S. Stetson and Estella M. Ricker, both of
              Monmouth, Ill., June 28th, A. F. Bucknam of Warren,  Ill., and Jennie
          Quinby, of Monmouth.
              Farmington, July 11th, D. V. B Ormsby and Mrs. Julia Russell.
              Weld, Franklin County, July 4th, Hiram A. Jordan of Chesterville, and Emma
         R. Phinney, of Weld.
              Phillips, Franklin County, July 4th, George C. Orr and Eva Walker.
              Yarmouth, July 13th, Charles E. Hayes, of Franklin, New Hampshire, and
          Martha J. Rideout of Bowdoin.
              New Vineyard, July 1st., William J. Bradley and Cynthia W. Gardnier.
              West Bridgton, July 9th, Wilder B. Robinson and Mr. Eliza A. Lowell, both
          of Bridgton.
              Fryeburg, July 4th, Amos A. McIntier, and Hulda C. Wescott.
              Phillips, July 4th, Laforest Toothaker and Della T. Hewey.
              Embden, Somerset County, July 3rd, Kinsley W. Foss and Lydia A. Foss.
              New Sharon, June 27th, W. H. Parsons, of Fairfield, and Mahala R. Tufts,
              Augusta, June 25th, Mellen Wing and Mrs. A. Melvina Williams, both
          of Gardiner.
              Houlton, June 29th, A. G. Young, M. D., of Bridgewater, Aroostock County,
          an Mrs. Helen M. Rogers of Houlton.
              Kennebunkport, July 3rd, Nathaniel Billings of Kennebunkport, and Lydia
          A. Whitten, of Saco.
              Buckfield, July 2nd, Leander Gautie and Costella D. Ellis, both of Canton,
          Oxford County.
              Robbinsonton, Washington County, July 4th, James Irvin of Eastport, and
          Mary Ann Trimble, of Robbinston.
              Augusta, July 13th, Thomas Routh and Charlotte Garland.
              Rockland, July 5th, Alden U. Thorndike and  Francis A. Howard.
              Vinalhaven, July 8th, Timothy L. Roberts and Clara F. Webster.


              In this city, July 11th, Mrs. Lois N. Sawyer, aged 83.
              In this city, July 1st, William Bowen, aged 40.
              In this city, July 13th, Mrs. Elizabeth Bulger, aged 49.
              In this city, July 16th, Mrs. Martha E. Dyer Skillings.
              In this city, July 14th, Mrs. Ada L. Traves, aged 27.
              In this city, July 18th, Bradford Lowell, aged 24.
              Charlestown, Mass., July 16th, Mrs. Caroline A. McNab, youngest
          daughter of the late Thomas Forsaith.
              Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth, July 16th, Mrs. Phebe M. Grant.
              Alleghany City, Pennsylvania, July 6th, Mrs. Angie E. Harbaugh, aged 28.
              Dayton, York, July 8th, Benjamin B. Jose, aged 64.
              Sanford, July 5th, Henry Perkins, aged 76
              Anson, July 7th, Mrs. Mary J. Butler, aged 63.
              Hallowell, July 7th, Mrs. Nancy Wentworth, aged 83.
              Cumberland, July 8th, Josiah Morrill, aged 67.
              Gorham, July 12th, Charles Fred Frost, aged 20.
              Woodbine, Maryland, July 6th, Mrs. Sophia Burbank, aged 74.
              Fryeburg, July 8th, Mrs. Clarissa Lord, aged 50.
              Dexter, July 8th, Dr. Gilman M. Burleigh, aged 75.
              Dexter, June 24th, Elbridge Russell, aged 43.
              Corinna, June 7th, Ellen M. Lovejoy, aged 28.
              East Windham, July 7th, David S. Hackett, aged 43.
              Augusta, July 6th, Abraham Brackett, aged 76.
              Hallowell, July 9th, Thomas Spaulding, aged 70.
              Stoneham, Oxford County, June 27th, Mrs. Augusta Spears, aged 29.
              Sherman, Aroostock County, July 4th, Mrs. Huldah Stubbs, aged 50.
              Lyndon, (now Caribou,) July 5th, Mrs. Sally Reynolds, aged 62.
              South Paris, Me., July 5th, E. W. Haskell.
              Bangor, July 10th, Mrs. Mary A. Adams, aged 33.
              Bangor, July 8th, Wellington Sprague, aged 67.
              North Anson, July 7th, Mrs. Mary J. Butler, aged 63.
              Springfield, Mass., July 1st, Emily C. Burgin, aged 35.
              Princeton, July 4th, John A. Beckett, aged 30.
              Atkinson, Pistaquis County, July 19th, Mrs. Sophronia Stocker, aged 54.
              Skowhegan, July 2nd, George W. Kingeaid, aged 57.
              Montville, Waldo County, July 1st, Daniel Atkinson, aged 51.
              Sangerville, Piscataquis County, July 7th, Frank French, aged 24.
              Sangervillle, July 7th, Charles Libby, aged 45.
              Lisbon, Maine, July 12th, Mrs. Ellen R. Merrill aged 34.
              Newburg, Penobscot County, July 11th, Rebecca A. Porter, aged 16.
              Ellsworth, July 2nd, Frederick G. Smith, aged 64.
              Eden, Hancock County, July 7th, Captain Albion Higgins.
              Gardiner, July 11th, Mrs. Nancy Wentworth, aged 83. (As written in the
              Norway, Maine, July 13th, R. Noble, aged 65.
              Litchfield, July 13th, Mrs. Margaret Berry, aged 83.
              Saco, July 13th, Bradford O. Gooch, aged 31.
              Saco, July 14th, Rebecca Porter, aged 70. ( As written in the paper.)
              Saco, July 15th, Alvin Sawyer, aged 39.



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