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                                                LINCOLN COUNTY
              Launched at Hodgdon's Mills, July 3rd, from the yard of McDougall, a fine white
          oak schooner of 105 tons, built by James McDougal and intended for the mackerel
          fishery. It is to be commanded by Captain Alfred Pinkham, of Boothbay and is named
          the Diploma. The vessel  is finished in the finest style. Mr. McDougall has on the stocks
          one of the same model for Captain Jessie Snow of  (unreadable) and will lay the keel of
          another for Captain Noah Snow of Wellfleet, Mass., in the future.

                                                OXFORD COUNTY
              The Monitor asserts that Dr. Verrills' body was found after three weeks of
          unsucessessful search, precisely in the spot pointed out by a clairvoyant, Mrs. S.
          P. Hall of this city, who went to Oxford and gave explicit directions for finding him.

              A son of Harvey Dunham of Hebron, 20 years old, was drowned in South Pond
          Buckfield, last Sunday.

              Miss Susan Spring, a native of Hiram, residing in Brownfield has agreed to give
          $3000 in aid of a new Universalist Church to be built on the west side of the river at
          Hiram. Miss spring is about 82 years of age, and has earned her money by her own
          industry, much of it at 25 cents per day.

              The saw mill belonging to E. Burbank, Albany, Oxford County together with a large
          amount of lumber belonging to differen persons, was destroyed by fire on the 8th inst.
          No insurance.

              The dwelling house of H. H. Maxim, Sumner, was destroyed by fire together with ell
          and barn and nearly all the contents, on the 10th. He lost 12 tons of hay, farming tools,
          furniute, etc., and came near losing a child. Partly insured.

                                           PENOSCOT COUNTY
              A. P. & F. R. Webber have bought the mills and lands and farm of Nicholas
          Houston of Lincoln, for $22,000. The land is about 4,000 acres, situtated in the
          northwest corner of Lincoln.

              A jointer connected with a shingle machine at Great Works burst with a report
          like a cannon on Saturday last.  Doro Cram, who was running it, doubled its proper
          speed which is 1200 to 1500 revolutions per minute, with the above results. One
          piece went through the roof and was found on the opposite side of the river. Cram
          was taken up for dead but soon revived, and the Whig says he will recover if not
          internally injured.

              Policeman Weymouth, of Bangor has the tip of his nose bitten completely off by
          a drunken wretch named Ellison, when he was attempting to him arrest last week. Elison
          hung on with his teeth and hands like a bull dog, till the officer got a chance at him with
          his billy, when the Whig remarks, "the subsequent proceeding interested him no more."
          Weymouth's nose has been sewn together but it is feared will not unite. Ellison was
          only stunned by the billy.

              The farm buildings of Mr. White, Corinna, were burned a few days ago.  Also the
          building of Ivory W. Davis, at East Eddington, the family barely escaping with their lives.
                                             PISCATAQUIS COUNTY

              Rev. C. L. Nichols, formerly settled at Pownal, has accepted the call of the
          Congregational Church at Brownville.

                                             SAGADAHOC COUNTY

              John Shaw, for 40 years a cashier of Lincoln Bank, Bath, died on Sunday last,
          aged 74.

              Mr. John Balch, of Newburyport, Mass., for many years treasurer and agent of
           Bartlett Mills, was driving through Topsham on Tuesday week, when he got out of the
          carriage to adjust the head-stall of the horse.  The horse sprung suddenly, and throwing
          Mr. Balch down, the carriage passed over him, fracturing his spine and otherwise injuring
          him.  He was taken up, and it was found the lower part of his body was completely
          paralyzed.  He died the same evening. He was for many years a prominent citizen of

              The Anson Advocate says  John Ray, Junior of Solon a young man about 20 years old,
          was drowned at Carratunk Falls, just below the main pitch last week.  The same paper
          say that team after team goes through that place every day loaded with corn.  The farmers
          buying it for the coming winter, and many already feeding it to their stock-failing pastures
          making it necessary.

              Monday afternoon about 7 o'clock, a river driver by the name of Joe Redman from
          St. George, Canada, performed the very daring feat of riding a log from the toll bridge
          down through the swift water to the eddy just below this village. Any one who has ever
          been in Skowhegan knows how swiftly the water runs above and below the railroad
          bridge; we should judge that it runs in some places at the rate of a mile in three minutes-
          perhaps even at a more rapid rate.  The feat came off with scarecely any  previous
          announcement, still quite a large crowd gathered on the railroad bridge to witness it.
          Redman did the deed with the ease and dexterity and as though he was entirely at home
          on his log, dashing through the boiling water with only his pick pole to steady himself.
          Several times the log plunged beneath the water, but still its rider clung bolt upright. He
          jumped up from his log several times, turned and rode backwards and performed other
          feats to show his dexterity.  We learn the exploit was instigated by a wager of ten dollars,
          which was quickly made  up with ten or fifteen more with it. Redman has driven the
          Kennebec for fifteen years. Skowhegan Reporter.

                                                     WALDO COUNTY
              A new public house has been opend by J. L. Wetmore at Winterport.

              On the 8th, as Ellison Page of Stockton, was riding home on a dray when he fell upon
          the wheel and was drawn under it, the dray passing over him.  When taken up his spine
          found to be injured, so that his lower limbs are paralyzed, and he lies in a dangerous

                                               WASHINGTON COUNTY

               The Coyle House, on Court Street, Machias, was burned last week. Also the house
           of Elijah Demmons and his son, at East Machias.

              The  Eastport Sentinell says Elisha Small of Lubec, had exhibited last week a "stared
          nosed mole," which drew crowds to the examine the animal.  The star consist of little arms
          or branches, about half an inch in length to the number of a dozen which  it fastens on to the
          prey till it has eaten enough to satisfy itself. The fore paws are like the human hand, and the
          feet are like those of a cat.  The length of the animal is about six inches.

              James Cheney and Abner McFadden caught a live seal sleeping on the surface of the
          water in Bailey's Mistake harbor; he made some fight when he woke up in the boat,
          endangering the lives of his captors.   He weighed 150 pounds.

              There are 30 tax payers in Whiting who pay over $10.00.   William S. Peavey is the only
          one who pays over $100, his figure being $301

                                                             YORK COUNTY

              William Crosty fell from a third story window in Saco early Monday morning in a
          fit of somnambullism, and was but little bruised.  He belongs to the engineer corps of
          B. & M. railroad.




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