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                                                  "So learn ye whose vows are plighted,
                                               "That hearts are one when united."

               In this city, 16th inst., by Rev. Mr. Chickering, Mr. A. L. Hyatt, of New
          York, to Miss Margaret C., daughter of C. B. Smith, Esq.
               In this city, 16th inst., by Rev. Dwight, Allen Collier, Esq., of the firm
          of John Swasey & Co., to Miss Susan Caroline, only daughter of John How,
          Esq., of this city.
                In city, 18th inst., by Lewis Dela, Esq., Mr. Washington Noyes to Miss
          Julia A. Hor, both of Norway, Maine.
               In this city, 14th inst., by Rev. B. D. Peck, Mr. Samuel L. Taylor to Miss
          Maria Thomas, both if this city.
               In this city, 20th inst., by Rev. Dr. Nichols, Mr. Charles E. Jose, on this
          city, to Miss Maria A. Ward, daughter of Henry Ward, Esq., of West Bethel.
               In Westbrook, 16th inst., by Rev. Dr. Dwight, of this city, Mr. Charles A.
          Barbour to Miss Mary Louisa Baily, both of ?.  (The printer's thanks for the
          accompanying cake.)
               In Falmouth, 9th inst., by Rev. Samuel Stone, Mr. Frank M. Bowe, of
          Gardiner to Miss Ell M. Stone, of Falmouth.
               In Cape Elizabeth, 19th inst., Mr. Samuel Vance of this city to Miss
          Sarah J. Dyer of Cape Elizabeth.
               In New Gloucester, 25th inst., by William Burns, Esq., Mr. Augustine
          Dale, of Windham to Miss Sara A. Farr of New Gloucester.
               In Blanchard, Piscataquis County, 10th inst., Rev. Charles C. Cone to
          Miss Margaret J. Battlefield.
                                                  "This is the end of earth."
                In this city, 19th inst., Jane, wife of William Follet, aged 24.
                In this city, 17th isn't., Eilen, wife of William Morrison, aged 52.
                In this city, 18th inst., Nancy, wife of Samuel Dyer, aged 60,
          formerly of Lubec. 
                In this city, 21st inst., widow Eunice Pettengill, aged 42.
                In this city, 14th inst., William Henry, son of captain William
          Colligan, aged 4.
                In Standish, 18th inst., Miss Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Simeon and
          Jane Davis, aged 18 years, 5 months.
                In Falmouth, 11th inst., John Augustine, only son of widow Aphia
          Davis, aged 17 years, 6 months.
                In Saco, 11th inst., Frances E. Maybury, aged 7, daughter of Mr. Maybury
          of this city.
                In Auburn, 12th inst., Mr. John Downing, aged 86 years, 6 months.  A
         soldier of the Revolution, having entered the army at the age of 16.
                In Roxbury, Massachusetts, 16th inst., at the residence of her sister she
         sister where she was visiting, Mrs. Caroline Porter, wife of R. A. LaCodman,
         Esq., of this city.

                                         WILLIAM G. CLOUDMAN.

               We comply with the request of several subscribers in publishing the
          following extract of a letter written to a brother of the writer in this city. Mr.
          Cloudman was a man universally esteemed and beloved, and his sudden
          death has been a severe stroke to his many friends.  His genius and talent in
          his chosen art had raised high expectations that he would, had he lived,
          achieved fame for himself:-
               "My Dear Brother; I can not but express to you the deep and heartfelt
          sympathy I feel at your loss, in the very sudden and melancholy death of
          our mutual friend Cloudman. Permit me to mingle my tears with your own
          on this sudden bereavement, and while we mourn his loss, let us not be
          unmindful of Him who rules the destinies of all his creatures.  How can
          erring mortals like us reconcile ourselves to the goodness of God, when we
          behold such instances of His inscrutable Providence.  But it is not for the
          frail man to be distrustful of the goodness of his Creator, but in the death of
          our esteemed friend we can not but feel sad and lonely, and while we
          mourn him as far removed from us, and gone, think he is now far above the
          discords and strife's of this vain world, and joining as we fondly trust in the
          chorus of that sacred band, who are singing hallelujahs to the Almighty
          For if there is a Heaven, (and I have no doubt of it,) if there is any happiness
          for us  hereafter, surely our friend will be in full communion with that  happy
          number, for he was excellent, he was good, he was pure in heart. His thoughts
          were not with the low and groveling of the earth, but they sought a higher and
          a brighter sphere, and his soul is undoubtedly now in Heaven.
               In Bucksport, 11th inst., John Hubbard's house was destroyed by fire, and
          one of his children suffocated by the smoke.  Mr. Hubbard was badly burned
          and lost house, furniture, and $200 on species.  No insurance.




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