Monday, July 8, 2013


                                             "So learn ye whose vows are plighted,
                                           "That hearts are one when united."

               In this city, 26th ult., by Rev. J. S. Eaton, Mr. Elijah Guilford, Jr., to
          Miss Dorcas W. Dill.
              In this city, 25th ult., by Rev. J. Pratt, Augustus H. Burbank, M. D., of
          Yarmouth, to Miss Elizabeth R. Banks.
              In this city, 29th ult., by Rev. J. Pratt, Mr. Hiram G. Floyed, to Miss Mary
          A. Thompson;at the same time, Mr. Joseph Thompson, Jr. to Miss Sarah
              In this city, by Rev. Mr. Morse, Mr. Francis O. Woodbury to Miss Mary
          J. Furlong.
              In this city, by Rev. Mr. Sanderson, Mr. John L. Howard, to Miss Sarah
          D. Field.
              In this city, 27th ult., by Rev. G. W. Kilton, Mr. Henry Stanwood, to Miss
          Caroline H. Townsend.
              In this city, 27th ult., by Rev. B. D. Peck, Mr. Moses N. Leavitt to Miss
          Mary Jane Reynolds.
              In this city, 27th ult., by Rev. Pratt, Mr. William O'Brien to Miss Eliza
              In this city, 26th ult., by Rev. Mr. Sanderson, Mr. Joshua L. Sawyer, to
          Miss Rebecca S. Sawyer.
              In this city, by Rev. Mr. Morse, Mr. Isaac W. Scammon, of this city to
          Miss Lucy Churchill of Saco.
              In this city, 27th ult., by Rev. J. R. Scott, Mr. Ivory Hezelton to Miss Jane
          Richard, both of this city.
              In Buckfield, November 27th, by S. C. Andrews, Esq., Mr. Carlton Gardner,
          to Miss Mary F. Gammon, both of Buckfield.
              In Sullivan, 23rd ult., by Rev. R. Y. Watson, Mr. William D. Emery to
          Miss Amelia G. White, both of Sullivan.
              In Saco, 27th ult., by Rev. James B. Thornton, of Sacaroro', Mr. C. C. G.
          Thornton, of Boston to Miss Hannah Bartlett Calef, daughter of Josiah
          Calef, Esq., of Saco; October 5th, Charles H. Staples to Sarah E. Seavey;
          Richard Cook, of West Lebannon to Bridget Carrol, of Biddeford; George
          Gordon to Abby Leaver.
              In Biddeford, 27th ullt., Mr. Benjamin Fuller, of Cincinnati, Ohio, to
          Miss Clara L., daughter of William Dow, Esq., of Lyman; Mr. Stephen
          Allard to Miss Rebecca Smith, both of Biddeford.
              In Kennebunk, Mr. James Smith to Miss Mary Kimball, both of Kennebunk.
              In Buxton, Mr. John W. Clark to Miss Clarissa Hodgdon, both of Buxton.
              In West Parsonsfield, Mr. George Parsons to Miss Mercy Parsons, both of
          Newfield; Mr. Jacob Ham, of Newfield to Miss Betsey E. Hargrave of
              In Shapleigh, Mr. Eliphalet Randall, of Limerick, to Miss Easther Saywood,
         of Shapleigh.
              In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr. Thomas Nye, of Portland, to Miss Sarah
          Tufts, of Pownal.
              In Dover, Mr. John G. Robinson, Of Portland, to Miss Sarah A. Boothby,
          of Biddeford; Mr. George Royal to Miss Sarah A. Curtis, both of Solon, Me;
          John Ball of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Miss Elizabeth Melvin, of Newport, Me; Mr.
          Daniel Davis to Miss Dorinda S. Merrill, both of Lewiston, Me.
              In Danville, Androscoggin County, 27th ult., Mr. Samuel R. Dumren, of
          Boston, Mass., to Miss Olive A. Jordan, of Danville.
              In Belfast, Captain  Ezra Hall  to Miss Betsey Elwell.
              In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr. Benjamin F. Bates to Miss Lucy A.,
          daughter of Alfred Andrew, Esq., of Paris, Maine.
              In Dayton, Ohio, Mr. john E. Engles of New York City, to Miss Mary J.
          daughter of Colonel James Ford, formerly of Gray, Me.

                                              "This is the end of earth"
               In this city, 28th ult., George R., son of Charles R. and Elmira Stubbs,
          aged 3 years, 4 months.
              28th ult., Nancy, wife of Jesse Shackford, aged 43.
              26th ult., very suddenly, Mr. Benjamin Pearce, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,
           aged 39.
              23rd ult., Miss Sarah McCarty, aged 47.
              25th ult., Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. Arthur Shirley, 62.
              25th ult., Mrs. Susan L., wife of Calvin Edwards, 58.
              2nd inst., Mr. Charles Frost, aged 67.
              30th ult., Rebecca H. McCobb, widow of the late Parker Cobb, Esq.
              30th ult., Mr. Enoch Moody, aged 65 years.
              1st inst., James H. D. Easton, printer, aged 29.
              In Roxbury, Mass., 23rd ullt., Mr. Thomas Child, formerly of this city,
          aged 69.
              In Biddeford, September 25th, Dr. Jonathan Bemis, aged 63 years;
          November 16th, his wife Olive H. Bemis, aged 53.
              In Kennebunk, 19th ult., Miss Julai Maria, eldest daughter of E. E.
          Bourne, Esq., aged 26.
              In Waterboro', of consumption, Cyrus K. Hamilton, 36.
              In Campton, Benning  Williamson, a soldier of the Revolution, aged 88.
              In Limerick, Andrew Jackons, son of Mr. William Clark, aged 20 years.
              In Parsonsfield, 4th inst., Sarah Jane, daughter of James and Abigail
          Moore, aged 18 years.
              In Saco, 13th inst., Mr. Daniel McKenney, aged  26.
              In Dixfield, October 20th, Miss Matilda S., wife of Charles Dunn, and
          daughter of the late Thomas  Bragg, of Letter B, ( now Upton, Oxford County)
          aged 20 years.
              In Kennebunk, Miss Julie Maria, eldest daugher of Edward E. Bourne,
          Esq., aged 26; Phines Milliken, aged 20; Miss Nancy Hard, aged about 80;
          Mrs. Sarah, wife of Phineas Stearns, aged about 60; Agnes, youngest
          daughter of Captain Charles William, aged 1 year.
              In Kennebunk, John Littlefield, aged 64.
              In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Achsa D., wife of Sumner R. Johnson, and
          daughter of Deacon Henry Davis, of Strong, Maine, aged 30.
              In New Orleans, La., on board ship Hudson,Mr. John White, aged 21-a
          native of Wiscasset.
              In San Francisco, October 19th, A. W. Sturdivant, of Maine, aged 26; on
          board steamer Constitution, Andrew G. Smith, of Maine; Joseph F. Hopkins,
          formerly of Buckfield, aged 24.

                                                     MAINE MATTERS

              John V. Brown, aged 29, hung himself in Waterford, Maine last week.

              The dwellng house of Mr. Daniels of Paris, Maine, was destroyed by fire on
          Monday, together with its contents.Loss $1000.

              Among the patents granted for the week ending 25th ult., was one to George
        W. Carlton, of Brunswick, Me., for improvement in cooking stoves.

              Ossian E. Dodge the prince of fun and humbug, has formed a new company
         of singers, whom he styles the "Ossian Bards," and with whom he intends to travel
         through the country.
              Honorable Stephen Emery of Paris, Me., has been nominated by the Governor
          as Judge of the Western District Court, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the
          the death of Judge Cole.

              Sad.  Captain Richard Crocket, Jr., of this city, was knocked overboard from
          from the steamboat, on her voyage to California and drowned.  He was an
          enterprising and estimable young man.

              Interesting,  On the 25th ult., Mrs.  William Mitchell, of Falmouth, was
          delivered a daughter by Doctor Tukesbury, of the same place, and on the 27th,
         49 hours after, of two sons, the three weighing 16 1/2 pounds. All doing well up
         up to the 1st inst.

              Mr. S. E. Smith slipped upon the ice on Monday, and in falling broke his arm.
          In this slippery weather all good Chistians will be liberal with their ashes.

              Mr. R. R Robinson, having been fined to the amount of $60.00 for selling
          liquor, has agreed to sell no more.




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