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           In this city last evening, by Charles Harding, Esq., Mr. Timothy A. White to Miss
     Jane W. Cook, both of this city.
          In Bath, Mr. John Roberts of Orono, to Miss Lydia Edgcomb, of Bath.
          In Bangor, Mr. George W. Snow to Miss Charlotte Adams.
          In Ellsworth Mr. Josiah Cripps to Miss Mary Stevens.
          In Gray, Captain Benjamin Swett, of Bangor to Miss Hannah F. Morse, of this city.
          In this city, 18th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Chickering, Thomas Chase, Esq., of North
     Yarmouth, to Mrs. Sarah Baker.
          In this city, by Elder Brown, Mr. Nathanial Jackson, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
     to Miss Mary F. Ham, of this city.
          In this city, 21st inst., by the Rev. Mr. Vaill, Dr. Samuel H. Pennington, of Newark,
     New Jersey, to Miss Anna J. M. Pope, eldest daughter of Joseph Pope, Esq.
          Also, by the same, Mr. Sidney Sweetsir to Miss Ann W. Winslow.
          In this city, 21st inst., by C. Harding, Esq., Mr. Ephraim Moore, of the revenue
     service, to Mary P. Tobey, both of this city.
          In Albion, Kennebec County,  Mr. Wentworth Fall to Miss Mary L. Washburn.
          In Eastport, Otis Patterson, Esq., to Miss Eliza Galvin.
          In Bangor, Mr. Levi Stevens to Miss Mary St. Clair.


          In this city, Shilow Dyer, aged 6 years and 8 months.
          In this city, on Sunday morning last, February 28th Delia A. , daughter of
      Mr. Stephen Dyer.
          In Gorham, Mr. Benjamin Fogg, aged 22.
          In Cape Elizabeth, Mrs. Anna Mate, aged 26.
          In Parsonfield, Mr. James Davis.
          In Bucksport, Mrs. Crosby, wife of Mr. Benjamin Crosby.
          In Cumberland, Mr. Edmund Merrill,  a soldier of the Revolution, aged 82.
          In China, Me., Ann Elizabeth, daughter of S. S. Warren, Esq.
          In Albion, Eliza F., daughter of Mr. David Spratt, Jr., aged 4 years. She fell into
    a kettle of hot water and survived the accident but two days.
          At Calcutta in August last, George A. Sheppard, Esq., merchant, formerly of
     Hallowell, Me.
          In this city, Mr. Joseph Owen, aged 65.
          In Cape Elizabeth, February 28th, Mrs. Patience, wife of Ebenezer Strout,
     aged 78.
          In Limerick, Mary Ann, youngest child of Aaron M. Hadley.
          In Orland, Hancock County,  on the 21st inst., Mrs. Rebecca, consort of Honorable
      John Burnham, member of the Executive Council of Maine, aged 66.
          At Jacksonville, near Mobile Mr. James Goodwin, aged 40; a native of this state,
     and for many  years a respectable inhabitant of Mobile.
          In Westminster, 8th inst., Captain John Fessenden, a Revolutionary pensioner,
     aged 80. While shoveling a path at his door he fell and expired instantly.
          In Providence,  R. I., Mr. B. Parkerson, aged 30. He was employed as a watchman in
     that city, and while in the discharge of his duty, was attacked by three men, and so
     severely beaten and wounded as to occasion his death, after suffering 18 days.
          In Belfast, Orren, son of Mr. Jonathan Ordway, aged 13.
          In Knox, Mrs. Mehitable, wife of M. Andrew Patterson, aged 37.
          In Monroe, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Mr. William Ford, aged 54.
          In Hallowell, Mr. Moses R. Gilman; accidently killed by the falling of a tree.
          In Winthrop, suddenly, Deacon Enoch Wood, formerly of Middleboro',  Mass.,
     aged 67.
          In Bangor, suddenly, Mr. George P. Robinson, aged 26.

          I hereby caution all persons not to harbor or trust my wife, MARY ELDEN, on my
     account, as I have all things necessary for her convenience and comfort, at my house,
     which she has without justifiable cause deserted-and I shall pay no debts of her
     contracting.                                                                   PERLEY G. ELDEN
     Bradford, February  1, 1836


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