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          In this city, July 7th, to the wife of George H. Babb, a son Raymond Holden.
          In Woodfords, July 11th, to the wife of W. P. Babb, a daughter, Rachel Berry.


          In this city, July 5th,  by Rev. John Carroll Perkins, Jacob McLellan Horne and
      Achsah Maria Carle, both of Portland.
          In this city, July 4th, by Rev. Leroy E. Bean,  Percy Manton Porter of South
     Portland, and Cora Lee Moran of Castle Hill.
          In this city, July 6th, by Rev J. L.  Jenkins, Frank W. Watson and Mary G.
     Bartlett, both of Boston.
          In this city, July 7th, by Rev. S. F. Person, Thomas L. Cameron and Mrs.
     Emily A. Bradford, both of Portland.
          In Northeast Harbor, June 6th,  Ralph Hamor and Cora  L. Gilpatrick.
          In Farmington, July 2nd, Charles Card and Flora E. Paul. Maine State Records
      show Charles last name as Cord.
          In East Bluehill, June 29th, Edwin W. Barton and Georgia Iola Long.
          In Bridgton, July 2th, Edward N. Thompson and Augusta C. Smith.
          In Madison, June 25th, Albert Furbush and Etta Burns, both of Anson.
          In Searsport, June 22nd,  Witham A. Bennett and Marcella Kaler, both of Belfast.
          In South Berwick, June 25th, Charles Bennett and Mrs. Almy Bradley.
          In Wayne, June 29th, William D. Walls and Lillian C. Rose, both of East
          In Bridgton, July 5th, Dr. David H. Walker, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and
     Adeline G. Perry, of Bridgton.
          In South Paris, June 30th, Dr. Horatio Woodbury and Mrs. Lila K. Briggs.
          In Mexico, Maine, June 22nd, Elmer M. Worthley and Etta M. Virgin.
          In Bath, July 7th,  Wilbur L. Kane and Vella M. Howard.
          In Norway, Maine, June 25th, Odillion B. Linnell and Mary J. Greenleaf.
          Rockland, Charles H. Coombs and Annie Merryman.
          In Bangor, June 23rd, Harry P. Davis and Nellie T. Whitehouse.
          In Falmouth, June 20th, Frank Woodbury and Alice M. Bowie.
          In Lewiston, June 30th, George E. Faunce  and Lillian M. Litchfield.
          In Windham, July 2nd, by Rev. J. E. Alkins (?,) Ernest A. Hawkes and
     Mary L. Anthoine.
          In Lewiston, July 2nd, Arthur A. Hartwell and Mabelle Greeley, both of Auburn.
          In Waterville, July 3rd, James F. Dearborn and Mable M. Bragg.
          In Pittston, June 28th, Hiriam S. Haynes and Eunice A. Rhodes.
          In West Gardiner, June 29th,  Fred Savage, Jr., and Gertrude Davis.
          In Windham Hill, July 6th, by Rev. J. E. Alkins (?,) Edwin D. Hawkes and
     Marcia E. Pride, of Westbrook.
          In Augusta, June 24th, Arthur D. Rogers and Mary E. Huff.
          In Gorham, July 2nd,  Joseph W. Harrison and Viola Clark.
          In Houlton, June 29th, Frederick W. Stevens, and Percia J. Smith. Maine
     State Records show Percia name as Parcia.
          In Thomaston, Richard O. Eillot  (Elliot?) and  C. Vinnie Dow.


          In this city, July 7th, George B. Chase, aged 55 years, 6 months.
          In this city, July 7th, William H. Burns, aged 74 years, 8 months.
          In this city, July 6th, John M. Marston, aged 66 years.
          In this city, July 8th, Isabella P. Johnston, aged 74 years, 7 months.
          In this city, July 11th, Charles W., son of the late John P. and Annie M.
     Rundin, aged 19 years, 9 months, 20 days.
          In this city, July 9th, William Mitchell, aged 17 years, 5 months, 7days-
     son of Michael and Ann E. Mitchell.
          In this city, July 9th, Frank S. Thompson.
          In this city, July 9th, Daniel Driscoll.
          In this city, July 9th, William F., son of Ann and the late Morgan  O'Donnell,
     aged 25 years.
          In Brownfield, July 2nd, Rose, wife of Addison Rogers, aged 41 years.
          In Bucksport, July 1st, Mrs. Olive P. Harriman, aged 83 years.
          In Fairfield, July 1st, Dr. A. E. Farnham, aged 43 years.
          In Belfast, July 1st, Mrs. Irene W. Higgins, aged 51 years.
          In Gray, July 10th, Silas L. Adams, aged 59 years, 4 months.
          In Bangor, July 7th, Mrs. Alice J. Hardy, aged 28 years.
          In Norway Lake, Maine, June 24th, Mrs. Sarah S. Hobbs, aged 75 years.
          In East Hebron, June 27th, Mrs. Myrtle Tibbetts.
          In South Hiram, Georgia Smith, aged 32 years.
          In Chickamonga Park, Georgia,   ,Frank E. Bartlett, of  Norway, Maine,
     aged 29 years.
          In Kennebunk, Mrs. Susan S. Nason, aged 74 years.
          In Saco, July 4th, Josephine Cluff, aged 53 years.
          Whitefield, July 1st, Charles Coombs.
          In Deering, July 4th, twin children of John A. and Sarah A. Johnston, aged 2 days.
          In Yarmouth, July 8th, J. G. Skillins.
          In Sweden, Maine, E. Warren Bennett, aged 60 years.
          In East Bethel, Humphrey B. Holt, aged 80 (?) years, maybe 60?
          In Buckfield, Mrs. Charles Gautier, aged 41 (?) years.
          In Northfield, June 23rd, Mrs. Eunice Doherty, aged 60 years.
          In Falmouth, July 6th, Almira L., widow of Capt. John Williams, aged 64 years,
       6 months, 21 days.
          In Brunswick, June 24, Mrs. Sarah F. McKown, aged 42 years.
          In Mechanic Falls, Rev. Willard B. Bartlett, aged 81 years, 1 month.




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