Friday, December 27, 2013


                                                      " So learn ye whose vow are plighted,
                                                           That hearts are one when united."

          In Portsmouth, N. H., Mr. Thomas Hall, of Damariscotta, to Miss Catherine
     Bryar, of this city' Mr. Charles N. Baker to Miss Elizabeth W. Hannaford, both of
     this city: Mr. William L. Morse to Miss Charlotte Averill, both of this city; Mr.
     Melville C. Milliken, of this city; to Miss Evelina Kimball, of Newburyport, Mass.
          In Falmouth, 29th ult., by S. Leighton, Jr., Esq., Mr. David H. Leighton to Miss
     Aphia J. Hanscom.
          In Gray, 18th ult., by B. Adams, Esq., Mr. Nathaniel Libby to Miss Sarah L.
     Freeman, all of Gray.
          In Boston, 25th ult., by Rev. S. K. Lothrop, Mr. Luther Stephenson of Hingham,
     Mass., to Miss Caroline Louisa, daughter of the late Nehemiah Parson, of Boston.

                                                        "This is the end of earth."

           In this city, 1st inst., Mr. Benjamin Franklin Weed, aged 24 formerly of
          24th ult., William A., son of William Smith, aged 11 months.
          30th ult., of dropsy on the brain of Mr. John McIndo, aged 27.
          2nd inst., Mary Eliza Coe, aged 23 years 9 months.
          2nd inst., Ann Louisa, daughter of John Pearson, aged 18 years.
          1st inst., Lydia, widow of the late Daniel Lockhart, of Nova Scotia, aged 84.
          28th ult., Elizabeth Jane C., only daughter of John Bradford, aged 16 years.
          29th ult., Margaret Freethy, aged 30.
          29th ult., Thomas, son of Peter Foley, aged 2 years.
          30th ult., Mrs. Phebe Carlton, relict of the late Deacon Edward Carlten, aged 83 years.
          In Belmont, 11 ult., Eliza, daughter of Thomas and Almira Storer, aged 10 years,
     3 months.
          In Clinton, 23 ult., Mr. James M. Target, aged 32.
          Hiram, 29th ult., Mary Ann, wife of J. P. Hubbard, Esq., and daughter of J. S.
     Sargent, formerly of this city, aged 57.
          In St. Paul, Minnesota Territory, March 23rd, Honorable Joel Whitney, late
     of this city, aged 64.
          In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 15th, at the English Hotel, William Gordon of this
     city, aged 30. At the same time and place, George Osgood, of Salem, Mass, aged 20.
                                                    EDITORAL STRAWS

          John Balch is building a ship at Trescott to be called the "Maine Law."
          The Professor William, the Christopher  of North, of Blackwood's
     Magazine, has resigned his Chair of Philosophy in consequences of age and
          Rev. T. Starr King has been appointed to deliver the Fourth of July Oration in
     before the Municipal authorities.
         The Prescott's Machine shop in Hallowell, was destroyed by fire last week.
     Loss $3,000; insured $1,500.
          Charles Henry, eldest son of Levi and Sarah F. Sanborn, aged 7 years, was
     drowned at Sheep Falls, Standish, 22nd ult. He fell into the steam while playing
     near it.
          We have received a pamphlet entitled, "Review of Rev. J. C. Lovejoy's
     Lecture on the Maine Liquor Law," by Harrison Fairfield, Brown's Corner, Me."
     It meets the reverend gentleman's reasoning with fact and a strong argument.
          Mrs. Sexton was sent to jail last week for selling gin.
         Fatal Accident. Mr. Peter H. Clark, was instantly killed while walking on the
     track of the Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad  in Oxford, on Saturday, by an engine
     so   furnished to convey two physicians by express to Norway, Me., to visit a person
    dangerously sick at that place. Mr. Clark was deaf and did not hear the whistle.






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