Friday, January 31, 2014


                                                           MAINE MATTERS

                                                          OXFORD COUNTY    

          A little child of Mr. Robert Heuey, Andover, was playing about a tub of water
     Tuesday, and falling in was drowned.
          An entertainment a few nights ago at Reform Hall, Buckfield resulted in a fund
     of nearly $42.00 toward the erection of a hearse house, the site of which has already
     been given by Lucius Loring, Esq.
          A Brownfield correspondent writes; Somebody with a spirit of mischief emptied
     some kerosene into William Swan's well. Although he has cleaned it out it seems
     impossible to purify the taste of the water.-Quite a business is carried on in town
     raising hoop poles. A crop can be raised in from five to six years. They are used
     chiefly for nail kegs out in Pennsylvania.
                                                     PENOBSCOT COUNTY

          Alexander McLaine, of Mattawamkeag has killed 24 bears this season.
          E.E. Ring of Orono, in company with J. Fred  Webster, proposes to cut between
     8,000.000 and 10,000.000 feet of lumber on  Wytopitlock, Moluncus, Battle Brook, etc.,
     all of which will come into the first Mattawemkeag  drive.
                                                    PISCATAQUIS COUNTY

          The vein of slate recently discovered in Guilford and Foxcroft is over 100 feet wide,
     and 3/4 of a mile in length, and is  exceptionally fine quality. The vein is partly upon the
     farm of E. G. Herring, which has been bonded by the Messrs. Bennett, running southeast
     through the land of Messrs. William Thompson and A. Merrill.
                                                    SAGADAHOC COUNTY

          Frank Jackson was missing from the Rainier's crew, has been heard from in
     Liverpool. He got a chance to work his way to San Francisco from the Marshall Islands,
     and thence to Liverpool with a Bath captain.
          The Elm Street Baptist Church, Bath, last week received  a solid sliver communion
     service from Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Simpson of Somerville, Mass., former members of the
          G. W. Hanley, Bath, has contracted to build a ship for New York parties.
          Messrs. L. A. Thompson and John Blethen, Bath, have manufactured this summer
     700 tons of iron into clinch bolts for vessels built at the great shipbuilding port.
          The contract for repairs on the steamer State of Maine has been awarded to the
     original builders Messrs. Goss, Sawyer & Packard of Bath. The steamer comes to Bath
     this week.
          A turtle which was captured a few days ago in Winnegance Creek after a sharp fight,
     weighed 115 pounds, the upper shell being 22 inches long by 17 in width, and he was
     about a foot through. Near the head on the shell was cut B. C. A. B., 1776, and
     beneath was a rough representation of the Masonic  square and compass. Upon the
     under shell was carved "Liberty or Death."

                                                       SOMERSET COUNTY

          The trial  of Frank Walker of Embden, for the murder of A. R. Daggett was begun
     at Skowhegan, Tuesday.
          J. A. Smith of Norridgewock, fell recently from a beam in his barn, breaking or
     dislocating his spinal column.
                                                          WALDO COUNTY
          A fellow giving half a dozen names among them William Gilman was arrested in
     in Belfast, Thursday, for extensive swindling operation in Waldo County. He had been
     securing subscriptions for the Happy Home publication of Hill & Co.,  Augusta, and
     pocketing the receipts, the subscribers never getting the paper.
          Dr. R. Moody,  a physician in Belfast since 1820, died Thursday, aged 81. He was
     mayor of the city in 1860.
                                                    WASHINGTON COUNTY

          Messrs. A. H. Eaton and E. J. Crangle, Calais are building a fine mill at Forest City,
     on the line of the Vanceboro division of the Maine Central, for the manufacture of orange
     and lemon box shooks, hard wood flooring and long and short soft wood lumber.
          A sharper, going by the name of Bartlett and Munroe, but whose real name is Baxter,
     has swindled Eastport and Lubec  parties out of old junk, etc., to the value of $200 or
     $300. He also engaged about $600 worth of wool of an Eastport  firm, but their
     suspicions were excited and they decided not to ship it. The fellow claims to be  an
     agent for a Boston firm.
          William Underwood & Co., have rebuilt their sardine factory at Jonesport, and are
     rebuilding their lobster factory. They contemplate packing mutton this fall in large
     quantity-some 1,000 cans per day.
          Last year the Millbridge Packing Co., put up 24,000  cases of fish, but have not
     packed half that amount this year.
          William  E.  Morang of Eastport, has received the appointment of professorship
     in the Roger Williams University of Nashville, Tennessee.

                                                            York County
          A man named Littlefield, who was injured  by falling from a team in Biddeford
     last week, died Sunday.
          The first number of the Sanford Herald, T. P. James, editor and published, appeared
     Monday, 6th.
          The new skating rink in West Baldwin had a very successful opening last week.
     The skating surface is first class, and the windows with their many colored lights are
     a new and striking attraction for a country village. George A. Milliken & Co., have
     leased the entire building, and use first floor for a work room, employing about 30
     hands in the manufacture of clothing.
          The Greenback voters and others will meet at Hollis Center Thursday evening at
     7 o'clock. John M. Todd will speak at  that time.  Mr. McDaniel has completed his
     new post office at South Hollis except the painting, which will be done this fall. The
     office accommodate many who heretofore were obliged to go to Waterboro, West
     Buxton and Dayton for their mail.
          Monday night of last week officers raided the premises of William Roche at
     Springvale, and seized several hundred dollars' worth of goods stolen from country
     stores, and Sanford mills, arresting one of the thieves, Will Gerrish, Fal (as written)
     and Frank Bickford, the ringleader of the gang escaped. William Roche was waylaid
     while passing through Lebanon Wednesday, and assaulted by the Bickford brothers
     and beaten with stones about the head until unconscious, when they left him. Roche
     assisted in the capture of the burglars Monday night, and his assailants were the two
     that escaped.
          Hannah M., widow of the late Deacon John Frost, and mother of Honorable
    General A. Frost of Springvale, died on the 1st inst., aged 94 years. She was the
    oldest person in Sanford.
          Dr. Hammond proposes building an addition to Hotel Bartlett, York, of  40 feet,
      which  will give the house a capacity of 150 guests. S. S. Marshall has the plans
     all made for a 60 feet addition to Marshall House, increasing the capacity to about
     300 guests.




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