Sunday, July 6, 2014


                                                        MATTERS IN MAINE


          The fishing schooner Walter Franklin arrived in Calais last week,  after a cruise of
     eight weeks with a catch of 100,000 lbs. of fine cod.
          Mr. George W. Stetson, of Boston, purchased and pressed six tons of raspberries at
     Pembroke recently. The sweetened juice made 10 barrels and 30 gallons of syrup for
     flavoring soda fountain drinks. The berries were purchased at 4 cents per quart.
          The Machias Union learns that a disease said to be the "black leg," has made its
     appearance among the cattle of Northfield. Harrison Smith has lost seven head, Mr.
     Hovey four head, and several others one or more each. The cattle were "out on the run,"
     and it is probable that many more have died but have not yet been found.
          The Ecumenical camp meeting, which opened at Old Orchard on Tuesday, 17th,
     continues seven days.  Among the speakers will be Rev. C. Munger, Rev. J. O. Peck
     D. D., Rev. A. Lowrey, D. D.,  Bishop McNamara, Rev. J. P. Newman, D. D., Rev.
     L. R. Dunn, rev. J. W. Hamilton, D. D., Rev. M. R. Terry, D. D., and Rev. A. B.
     Kendig, D. D.
          Mr. M. C. Baldwin, a Chicago  banker died suddenly at Kennebunkport, on the
     16th, of neuralgia of the heart. He lived but two hours after the attack, and was well-
     known, as he had visited there in previous summers.
          Mr. B. Hughes, of Toronto, was robbed of a gold watch, chain and $65.00 in
     money, while bathing at Old Orchard last week.
          Honorable H. Gove, fusion Secretary of State last year, has written an open letter
     to the citizens of the state, addressed to Solon Chase, who agrees with him in
     opposition to the union of the Greenbackers with the Democrat in the coming
     election. He argues that without Greenback help the Democratic party is moribund,
     and says, "To vote with it, and so step between it and death , is unpatriotic and
     criminal." He wants to get directly at the financial directors of the Republican party,
     and reveal them to popular intelligence as "traitors coining money from the blood and
     misery of the nation."
          There will be a mass meeting of the Republicans of Western Maine at Old Orchard,
     on Thursday 19th, to be addressed by General Logan, Stanley Matthews, Thomas Fitch,
     and Gov. Davis. Half fare on the Boston & Maine.

                                                             IN GENERAL

          The bids for the four per cent loan of $150,000 to the State of Maine, opened last
     week, were 27 in number, and the aggregate amount was $1,556,000. The successful
     bidders were Messrs. Brewster, Basset & Co., of Boston, at a premium of  1 at
     82-100 per cent.
           Patents have been  issued to James S. Brown, Bangor for cutter and cutter finger;
     Michael F. Davis, Portland, oar and oar scull, also foot-board and steering apparatus
     for boats; Henry Free, Lewiston, combined door plate and letter receiver; Thomas
     W. Hyde, Bath, windlass; Gilman P. Richardson, Bath, bandtie.
          FIRES IN MAINE. Barn of Colonel Shepard Bean, Lee.-Buildings of Phillip
     Taylor, Palmyra; also, Mr. Robinson's house and sawmill, partly insured.


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