Sunday, July 27, 2014



          Schooner Sarah Helen, Capt. Gray from Nassau, N. P., for Roatan, Island, Honduras,
     was totally lost 6th ult., with her cargo. Her captain arrived at Mobile 6th inst.  She
     registered 96 tons and was built in Bremen, Me., in 1868 and hailed from New York.
          Schooner Raven, (of Bucksport) Capt. Parker, Machias, for Newport, went ashore
     on the Hedge Fence, Vineyard  Sound, 5th inst., in consequence of the wheel rope
     parting.  About 5000 feet of lumber was discharged when the wheel came off and
     immediately commenced to reload.  She had previously lost an anchor on the
     Nantucket Shoals.
          A cable dispatch 5th states that ship Ontario, Capt. Watson, was abandoned at
     sea. May 30th.  Crew saved.
          Schooner Agnes was run into 5th inst., while at anchor at Homes Hole, and lost
     jib boom.
          Ship J.  P. Whitney, Calcutta, for Mauritius, (off coast of Africa in Indian Ocean)
     was abandoned at sea April 9th.  She registered 1020 tons, was built in Castine, Me.,
     in 1863, and was owned at Calcutta.

                                                DOMESTIC PORT

          Arrived at New York, July 3rd, big Nellie Chase, Capt. Upton, Portland;
     4th, schooner Mary Ella, Portland; 6th, Harriet Fuller, Capt. Willard, Portland;
     11th, Lizzie L. Mills, Capt.  Farnum, Elizabethport for Portland.

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