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          In this city, July 11th, Edwin Dexter son of D. S. and . B. Rice, aged 11 months
     and 4 days.
          In this city, July 10th, Mrs. Nancy Skillings, aged 79.
          In this city, June 11th, Mrs. M. H. Morris.
          In this city, July 17th, Albert Franklin Jones, aged 6.
          In this city, July 5th,  Mrs. Lizzie V.  Skillings, aged 21.
          In this city, July 7th, Mrs. Sarah M. Edwards, aged 68.
          In this city, July, 6th, Christopher Wright, aged 87.
          In this city, July 5th, Elizabeth White, aged 10.
          In Bethell, June 19th, Harrie W., youngest son of J. W. and C. R. Phillips, aged
     2 years.
          In North Bridgton, July 3rd, Colonel George E. Richardson, aged 58.
          In Westbrook, July 11th, Etta Lena, daughter of Andrew and Louisa Abbott, aged
     10 months, 10 days.
          In Ligonia Village, Cape Elizabeth, July 11th, Daniel B.  Dunn, aged 38.
          In Kingfield, June 10th, William Day, aged 61.
          In Baldwin, June 20th, John  Elmore Sawyer, aged 27.
          In Belfast, June 1st, Mrs. Hannah J. Luce, aged 37.
          In Boston, July 11th, Mrs. Josephina V.  Kelley, aged 23.
          In Falmouth, July 7th, Mrs. Lucy Soule, aged 59.
          In Bath, July 1st, Adam Pence, aged 60.
          In Alfred, June 22nd, Mary Ella Merrill, aged 11.
          In Brunswick, July 4th, John R. Larrabee, aged 71.
          In Waterville, June 16th, Mrs. Pauline Percival, aged 50.
          In  Waterville, June 26th, Miss Sarah D. White, aged 29.
          In Clinton, June 13th, Jonas D. Burrill, aged 78.
          In Cape Elizabeth, July 6th,  Miss Sarah M. Cobb, aged 83.
          In Brunswick, July 3rd, Colonel Andrew Dennison, aged 88.
          In Bath, July 6th, Mr. James McDougal, aged 67.
          In Lewiston, June 29th, Miss  Carolina A. Tapley, aged 24.
          In Durham, Me., July 6th, Mrs. E. J. Haskell, aged 65.
          In Kittery, June 18th, Mrs. Mary Hanson, aged 87.
          In York, June 23rd, Benjamin Rogers, aged 79.
          In Windham, June 24th, Andrew Mayberry, aged 101.
          In Charlestown, July 9th, Mrs. Francis O. Eaton, aged 31.
          In Ellsworth, June 23rd, John H. Nichols, aged 23.
          In Rockland, June 14th, Lizzie Thomas, aged 18.
          In Thomaston, June 6th, Mr. William Heart, 87.

                                                      IN MEMORIAM
          "Peace to her ashes, and a happy deliverance of her soul from all the ills of life,
     and a joyous introduction into that higher circle of old and new friends that have
     gone before. She suffered patiently, may she enjoy richly." Thus spake (sic) one
     in reference to S. A. E., the deceased wife of C. P. Beckett. So, after wearisome
    days and months and years of decline that precious form, loved with no common
    love, and mourned with no common grief, once fresh and beautiful as the lily and
    the rose, now, sleeps sweetly;  and the spirit so pure and lovely in its character here,
    now, we trust perfected through suffering, blooms in immortal vigor in the Heavenly
                              "Its steadfast depths of calm to know
                            Its sacred whiteness wear."
          For the husband who knows the terrible meaning  of the word bereaved, and
     and for the parent who have laid in the grave their only child, we can plead that
                               "Pain's furnace heat with then quivers,
                                   God's breath upon the flame doth blow,
                               And all the heart in anguish shiver,
                                   And troubles at the fiery glow;
                               Yet, may they whisper, 'As God will!"
                                    And in his hottest fire hold still.
                               Why should you murmur? for the sorrow
                                   Thus only longer-lived would be
                               Its end may come and will tomorrow,
                                   When God hath done his work in thee;
                               May you say, trusting, 'As God will!
                               And trusting to the end, hold still."



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