Sunday, July 20, 2014


                                                      MATTERS IN MAINE

          The Brunswick Telegraph says that the microscope belonging to Bowdoin College,
     an instrument valued at $500, which was stolen during the spring term of 1866, has
     been found in the possession of Dr. E. S. Hatch, of Portland, who graduated from
     the Medical School in the Class of 1866. Dr. Hatch was arrested and bound over to
     in the sum of $1,500, but when the day for examination came, he did not appear, and
     the bonds were forfeited.
          Commencement at Bowdoin college this week. Address before the Alumni, on
     Tuesday by Rev. C. C. Everett, of Bangor; concert by Gilmore's Band, assisted by
     Adelaide Phillips.  Address before the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity on Thursday, by
     Honorable J. W. Patterson, of New Hampshire.
          In Bangor, Monday week, a little boy named Willie Davis, seven years old, son
     of a widow, was recklessly or carelessly shot with a pistol by a lad of twelve years,
     named Elbridge Jones. Thirteen shots lodged in the boys chest. Young Jones was
          Frank E. Nye of Waterville, son of Joshua Nye, Esq., who has just graduated at
     West Point, has been appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd U. S. Cavalry, and James
     E. Porter, also of this state, to be 2nd Lieutenant of Company B, 10th Infantry.
          The beautiful new church at Cumberland Mills, Westbrook, was dedicated on
     Tuesday week. Sermon by Rev. E. E. Strong, of  Waltham, Mass.  Rev. Elijah
      Kellogg is now  ministering to the people there  to their great acceptance.
          A sailing party of sixteen persons was capsized in Mousam River, near the
     house of Franklin Furbish in Kennebunk, July 5th. A son of Joshua Littlefield,
     and the child of a widow was drowned. "Rum did it."
         We learn a good boarding house is now kept at Worthly Place on Mt. Blue by
     N. L. Humphrey, Esq., late of Cumberland. Visitor to the mountain will be glad
     to hear it.
          A little son of George Dirgee, of Presque Isle, fell into the mill pond of Friday
     week, and had sunk for the third time when Charles Gallagher, a lad of 11 years,
     plunged in and saved him.
          In Augusta on Tuesday week, a lad named Granger, had one of his feet badly
     crushed by the cars at the depot, while attempting to get on the train while it was
     in motion.
          Bishop Neely of this city, has been visiting Aroostook. On his way through
     the Seven Mile Woods, one wheel of the carriage gave out and he had to walk
      some five or six  miles.
          Rev. E. E. Knight of Fort Fairfield, lost his house and outbuildings by fire
     on Friday week, and on the same day the dwelling house of Robert McCuby,
     of East Grant, was burned.


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