Wednesday, July 30, 2014


         Turner, January 18th, to the wife of Mr. S. T. DeCoster, a son.
         Lewiston, January 13th, to the wife of Mr. Jordan Carville, a son.
         Buckfield, January 13th, to the wife of Mr. Elson Murdoe, a daughter.
         Auburn, January 15th, to the wife of Mr. Frank L. Dingley a son.

          In this city, January 16th, William M. Charlton and Emily Pettes, both of Portland.
          In this city, January 18th, Daniel McDonald, of Gorham, N. H., and Ann Gillis, of
     of Sherbrook, Canada East.
          In this city, January 21st, Ashbel Henry Cram and Harriet L. Woodbury.
          Westbrook, January 18th, George A. Leighton and Julia E. Randall, of Westbrook.
          Gorham, January 19th, Theodore  Perkins and Mrs. Isabella C. Kelley, of Portland.
          Saccarappa, January 9th, by Rev. H. B. Mitchell, Marcus M. Smart, of Fryeburgh,
      and  Ellen F. Quincy, of Sweden, Maine.                                         
           Saccarappa, January 7th, by Rev. H. B. Mitchell, John Spencer, of Biddeford, and
     Harriet Woods of Westport.
          North Pownal, January 15th, George Blake and Jennie H. Haskell.
          Norway, Me., January 1st., Augusta J. Haskell, and Emma A. Godding, both of
     New Gloucester.
          Lewiston, January 11th,. David S. Bourne and Loana A. Reynolds.
          Otisfield, January 14th, Charles H. Robinson, and Sarah E. Cash, both of Otisfield.
          Biddeford, January 2nd, Wallace S.  Moulton and Ann M. Waterhouse.
          Woolwich, January 13th, Joshua Cushman and Lucy M. Hanson.
          Saco, January 2nd, David H. Wood of Saco, and Mary E. Tufts, of Biddeford.     
          Cape Elizabeth, January 14th, Lewis F. Dyer and Lizzie M. Hunt, both of
     Cape Elizabeth.
          Richmond, January 1st., Joseph  Dubnar and Malinda S. S. Beard.
          Turner, January 8th, Anson L. Jordan and Augusta Merrill.
          Richmond, January 1st, W. W. Stetson of Boston, and Emily J. Fuller, of Oxford.
          Westbrook, January 16th, W. W. Stetson, of Boston, and Emily Fuller. of Oxford.
          Jewett's Island, January 14th, Albert F. Purington, of Epping, N. H., and Ada H.
     Hackett, of Portland.
          Oxford, December 25th, Morrill M. Fuller and Hattie E. Pike, both of Norway, Me.
          Bath, January 8th, Edwin Bonney and Emma F. Lynch.
          Rockland, January 15th, John D. May and Clara M. Healey.
          Camden, January 8th, Captain Orland McCobb and Abbie E. Talbot.

          In this city, January 23rd, Mrs. Kate Dustan, aged 23.
          In this city, January 19th, Timothy O'Hara, aged 25.
          In this city, January 20th, Rev. John S. Cushman, aged 36.
          In this city, January 18th, Mrs. Sarah M. Ushur, aged 71.
          In this city, January 17th, John H. Burke, aged 54.
          In this city, January 22nd, Mrs. Frances M. Lombard, aged 23.
          In this city, January 21st, Willie Fulton, only child of H. W. and A. L.
     Sturtivant, aged 11 months.
          In this city, January 18th, Mrs. Sally Racklyft, aged 83.
          Biddeford, January 15th, Charles C. Goodwin, aged 49.
          Gardiner, January 19th, Margaret C. Tarbox, aged 66; 14th, Mrs. Sarah P.
     Chapman, aged 73.
          Bridgton, December 26th, Mrs. Mehitable Smith, aged 58.
          Wiscassett, December 21st., Thomas Otis, aged 26.
          Sanford, January 13th, Joseph Perkins, aged 69.
          Springvale, Joseph Clark, formerly of Alfred, aged 72.
          Westbrook, January 16th, Jerusha, Cummings, aged 72.
          Mercer, January 6th, Mrs. Mary Walton, aged 70.
          Augusta, January 6th, Jane C. Bocker, aged 73.
          Cambridgeport, Mass., January 17th, Mrs. Elizabeth D. Jenkins, of Portland,
     aged 49.
          Cumberland, January 16th, Daniel Merrill, aged 79.
          Bowdoinham, January 15th, Fidelia Gowell, aged 55.





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