Friday, July 11, 2014



          In this city, July 3rd, Abram R. Clifford and Miss Nettie Alexander, both of
          In this city, July 4th, Jason N. Pride and Miss Julia B. Hanson, both of Windham.
          In this city, July 6th, Allen W. Train and Miss H. Annie Hyde, both of Boston.
          In this city, July 3rd, John B. Kenison and Miss Etta Elder, both of Windham.
          In this city, July 7th, Clayton  F. Farrington and Miss Ella L. Adams.
          In this city, July 8th, John F. Pollister, of Durham, and Miss Martha A. Clark,
     of New Gloucester.
          In Bowdoinham, July 1st, by Rev. B. Freeman, Thomas A. Main, and Miss Ellen
     B. Curtis, both of Bowdoinham.
          In Machias, June 12th, by Rev. H. F. Harding, Martin Foss of Machias, and Miss
    Evelyn C. Seavey, of Whitneyville.
          In Saccarappa, July 10th, by Rev. W. B. Bartlett, George H. Bragg, of Manchester,
     N. H., and Sarah J. Butterfield, of Westfield.
          In Cape Elizabeth, July 4th, by Rev. F. B. Pritchard, Eugene S. Palmer, and Miss
     Sarah J. Drown, both of Cape Elizabeth.
         In Charlestown, Mass., July 3rd, Albert  G.  Whiting and Miss Josephine R.
     Bettis, formerly of Portland.
          In Waterville, June 23rd, Moses G. Lyon and Mrs. Maria L. Chase, both of
     Fitchburgh, Mass.
          In West Waterville, June 27th, Hiram Robinson and Olive B.Wield, both
     of Sidney.
          In Vassalboro, July 6th, Rev. Benjamin A. Robie, of Waterville, and Lucy
     H. Higgins.
          In South Berwick, June 20th, John B. Foss and Mrs. Eliza Munsey.
          In Limington, June 26th, H. O. Robinson and Miss Jennie Foss.
          In Denmark, Me.,  July 1st, Henry  T. Warren, of Brownfield, and Miss Martha J.
     Wentworth, of Denmark.
         In Chicago, July 1st, M. C. Noyes, Esq., formerly of Portland, and Alice Mary
     Graves, of Chicago.
         In Gorham, June 30th, Prentiss M. Waterhouse and Miss Sarah Libby, both of

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