Wednesday, July 9, 2014



          Ship Landseer, before reported in distress, arrived at San Francisco 10th.
          Schooner C. W. Dexter, of Gardiner, 92 tons, has been sold to H. B. Eaton, of
      Calais, Me.,  for $1,500.
          Schooner Ella Hodson, before reported wrecked on Romer Shoal, (New Jersey?)
      has been sold with her cargo by auction.
          Schooner Golden Eagle, Capt. Hinkley of Machias, is undergoing extensive
     repairs at Columbia Falls; she will have new tops and spars, etc.
          Pensacola, Florida, Aug. 5th- Barque Palo Alto, 19 days from Aspinwall, has
     arrived in quarantine with all of her crew, except two, sick with Chagres fever.
          San Francisco, Aug. 4th-The wreck of the ship Thrasher, which recently went
     ashore while on the way from Nanaimo (Vancouver Island?) to this port, was sold
     at auction for $500 and the cargo of coal for $50.00.
          The new ship George Stetson, 1800 tons, recently launched at Bath has been
    chartered through Messrs. Chase, Leavitt & Co., to load grain in Portland for United
    Kingdom at 4s 9d. She will take the largest cargo or grain ever loaded of this port
    by a sailing vessel..
           Schooner Jed Frye, from Norwich, for New York, was on the railway at City
     Island 13th, repairing leak.
          Schooner Lewis Clark, while in tow at Bangor 12th, ran into and carried away
     the jib boom of schooner A. E. Woodward.
          Brig Josie C. Hazeltine, of Belfast, Captain Nickerson  sailing  from Troon
     (west coast of Scotland) February 2nd for Matauza, Cuba, had has not been
     heard from since.
           Schooner Marcellus from New York for Boston, put into City Island 15th,
     leaky and will discharge part of her cargo and go on the railway.
          Ship Whittier, from Batavia for New York, struck on a reef off the coast of
     Borneo, Indonesia, July 17th, filled with water, and will probably prove a total
          Schooner William G. Davis, Capt. Cheney, from  Philadelphia for Dublin,
     went ashore 11th inst., on the Lower Bulkhead, Delaware River, but came off
     without damage.
          Ship Belle, of Bath, which recently arrived in the Columbia River, grounded
     above Tongue Point, and lay by for some time, until 100 tons of iron were taken
     out, when she came off.
          Schooner Hyue, Capt. Otis, from Gardiner for New York, which struck on a
     rock while towing down river, has been hauled off full of water and is transferring
     her cargo of lumber to the Horatio Nichols.  Extent of damage not known, but not
     supposed to be serious.
           Schooner D. H. Ingraham,  Capt. Greeley, from Rockland for Richmond, Va.,
     when about two miles S W of White Island, 2:00 a. m., 15th, ran in to and sunk
     a fishing schooner of about 20 tons, which was lying at anchor with no lights up.
     The night was overcast and dark, but clear enough to see lights in the vicinity.
     Capt. Greeley and two men were on deck at the time, and had tacked ship a few
     minutes before. Captain Greeley hear nothing till the wreck stuff was hardly past
     his vessel when he heard what appeared to be the voice of a man crying out as if
     hurt.  He immediately tacked ship, lay by, lowered a boat and searched till sunrise.
     He found nothing but some tubs from the wreck.  The D. H. Ingraham broke her
     martingale and some ironwork, and returned to Rockland to report the disaster
     and repair damages. A Bath fisherman lying a mile or two further out stated that
     a small craft from Boothbay with three men lay inside the previous day.

          The names of these drowned are William Lawton and his son Henry and Loring,
     of Bristol.



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