Friday, October 10, 2014


                                                         MAINE MATTERS


          Saturday afternoon Buckfield gave a reception to Secretary Long at Nezinscot
     Hall, which was filled to the utmost capacity, the company including many
     neighboring towns. The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and flags, and
    the Grand Army post and Ladies Literary Club attended in bodies to bestow honors
    on the most distinguished son of old Buckfield. The Secretary made one of his happy
    speeches and his hearty greeting from his old townspeople. Everybody shook his hand,
    several people repeating the ceremony. One of the pleasantest features of the day was
    the dinner at the old Bridgham mansion, at which the Secretary and Hon. E. L. Parrie
    were guest of Thomas S. Bridgham, Esq. This was a happy reunion of old schoolmates.
    The secretary is a great lover of his native town. His ancestral home on North Hill is
    charmingly situated, commanding a broad and varied prospect. He is now preparing
    for extensive improvement on his farm.
          Professor Adelbert F. Caldwll, of Oxford, whose name is familiar to the readers of
    the Transcript as a writer of both prose and verse, and who has been teaching for some
    years at the Maine Wesleyan Seminary, has accepted the chair in Illinois Wesleyan
          The 56th exhibition of the Oxford County Agricultural Society will be held on the
     fair grounds between Norway and South Paris, September 20th, 21st and 22nd. J. A.
     Roberts, Norway, superintendent of the grounds; C. H. George, Hebron superintendent
     of the hall.
          A noteworthy family of old people are living with Mrs. Lucy Turner at Hebron.
     Mrs. Turner is 79, her brother Nathan Fogg is 86, his wife is 85. Mrs. Esther Fogg
     Moody is 92. Within a year Mrs. Fogg had made 11 bed quilts. Mrs. Moody is as
     nimble as a young girl and sings like one. There old people do their own work.
          Major B. F. Bradbury of Norway, Me., and Mrs. Ava Y. Finney, of Bethel, were
     married Tuesday w eek at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Olive Young.
     Rev. F. E. Barton and Rev. B. S. Rideout officiating. The wedding was a quiet one,
     only relatives and a few friends being present. The room was decorated with flags,
     evergreen and flowers. Dr. Bradbury has just been promoted to Brigade Surgeon and
     expects to return to Chickamauga next week.
          Ernest Ingalls of Denmark, Me., took his two yoke of oxen to Rigby Farm and
     received $50.00 in premiums.
          The store of C. C. Bryant in Bethel was broken into last Saturday night and a
     Waverly bicycle belonging to W. C. Bryant was stolen. The Bethel News give the
     name of the thief as Herbert Leslie, who has been trace to South Paris, Me.
          Mrs. Hanna Childs recently celebrated her 97th birthday at the home of her grand
     niece, Mrs. A. A. Eastman, Canton, where she has been living for several years. Mrs.
     Childs mind is active and bright and she reads ordinary print without the aid of

          A  led-horse behind the wagon of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baker of Peg Cove was
     frightened by a bicyclist and rearing came down across Mrs. Baker's shoulder's,
     rendering her unconscious. She sustained severe injuries and will be confined to her
     bed for a long time.
          The officers visited the Windsor Hotel in Bangor Wednesday, and captured a
    "pinch board," and its alleged owner J. V. Madden of Sing Sing, New York, and
    considerable amount of money on the board at the time.  Madden was locked up to
    await a hearing.
          Bartwell Antonine while at work at the lower dam of Adams & Co., in Orono,
     Thursday, lost his balance and was washed over the dam, striking on the rocks and
     pinned down by a log. His chest was hurt and internal injuries are feared.
          D. E. Fiske of Waterville, who for some time has been landlord of the Lancey House,
     Pittsfield, and lately of Bay View House, Waterville, was in Dexter last week,
     negotiating for the purchase of the Exchange Hotel property, If he sells Mr. Blackden
     will reside for the present in the Calvin  Copeland house at Monkeyville and will
     devote his attention chiefly to farming.



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