Sunday, October 12, 2014


                                                                MAINE MATTERS


          About 1,000 people attended the dedication of the Stewart Memorial building in
     Corinna, Thursday afternoon and evening. This is one of the most magnificent
     structures possessed by any town in the state, and was presented by Hon. Levi M.
     Steward of Minneapolis, a native of Corinna. The structure is built of brick and is
     finished throughout in oak. On the first floor are four offices for the accommodation
     of the town officers, while one of the rooms contains a large fire proof vault. On the
     ground floor also is located the fine library containing a valuable collection of
     literature. This library at the present time contains about 3000 volumes including two
     sets of the latest encyclopedia, book of fiction, including the latest novels, books of
     ancient literature and all of the magazines. The library is in charge of Miss Green of
     Bangor, an expert librarian, assisted by Miss Ayer also of Bangor.
          Blanche Lottie Doane, daughter  of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Doane, of Brewer, died very
     suddenly Friday night as a result of a bicycle ride. Miss Doane was in her usual health
     Friday, and during the afternoon and early took quite a long ride. Shortly after returning
     home she complained of not feeling well, and lay down after taking some simple remedy.
     There was evidence of a hemorrhage and a physician was called. He attended the young
     lady and gave orders to keep her quiet for a day or two. He had been gone from the house
     but a short time when Miss Doane commenced to grow rapidly worse and died soon
     afterward. Miss Doane was 16 years of age.

          The Guilford schools began Monday with the exception of the high school. The
     teachers of last year are retained. W. S. Parsons of New Portland, a Bates College
     graduate, has been secured as principal of the high school, and Miss Lusanna  M.
     Clary, of Hallowell. a graduate of Holyoke College, will be the assistant.
          The racing at the fall meeting of the Maine Division L. A. W., held under the
     auspices of the Central Cycle Club Foxcroft Monday were very interesting and
     attracted a crowd of nearly 2,000 people. J. C. Senior of Sanford broke the state record
     for a mile in 2.07, won by 3.5.  The novice race proved the heat of the day. Summary:
     Half mile no vice, won by J. D. Hatch; Seth Parsons, second; W. B. Flanders, third.
    Time 1.10. One mile amateur won by W. P. Field (under protest) Wilfred Senior,
     second. Time 2.13 won by 3.5.  One mile 2.50 class amateur won by W. P. Field;
     Ora Gerald, second; George Newton, third. Time 2.17 won by 1.5. Half mile amateur
     won by Wilfred Senior; J. C. Senior, second; C. B.Picket, third. Time 1.07 won by 1.5.
     J. C. Senior won the state championship in 2.15 won by 2.5.


          A cablegram received Saturday by Arthur Sewall & Co., of Bath from Capt. James
     Murphy, who went to Valparaiso, to return with the ship Kenilworth, which was badly
     damaged by the fire at sea, says that Capt. Baker, 1st mate Piper and a boy named Hobson,
     who lost their lives, died from inhaling gas, thus confirming the denial of the story that
     they had been murdered. The ship will sail from Valparaiso, September 10th for New
          Mrs. Susan D. Wakefield, one of Bath's oldest residence, died Saturday morning, aged
     96 years. She leaves six children, ex-Mayor James W. Wakefield and John W., of Bath,
     Charles H. of Bennington, Vt., Mrs. A. B. Colton and Miss Susan Wakefield of Bath, and
     Mrs. Addie Corbiere of Worcester, Mass.

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