Wednesday, October 15, 2014


                                                            MAINE MATTERS


          Bath has seldom been stirred as it was Thursday over the publication of the story
     that ex-Mayor F. H. Twitchell, one of the Bath's most prominent citizens, a member of
     Governor Power's executive council and well know in business circles in Maine and
     Boston, was an embezzler to the amount of $60,000, and it is feared that it may exceed
     that sum. It is claimed that for the past 14 or 15 years during which Mr. Twitchell
     has been connected with the Worumbo Manufacturing Company, various sums have
     been appropriated by him. These amounts were charged to the expense account, so
     that the business has not become involved at any time. Only a careful investigation
     revealed  the fact that there has been wrong-doing. When confronted with  the evidence
     Mr. Twitchell acknowledged his quilt, but it is thought no prosecution will follow as the
     one most deeply involved is G. C. Moses, treasurer of the mills, who is inclined to treat
     the matter as one personal wrong, rather than an instance of criminal intent. Mr. Twitchell,
     who is at his summer home at Popham beach is in very poor health. He refuses to discuss
     the matter. The disclosures in the Twitchell case were precipitated by the personal
     assignments of Mr. Moses, which was announced Tuesday week, and in which Mr. Moses
    himself says more than $400,000 worth of property is involved.
          The First National Bank of Bath of Bath, of  which Galen C. Moses was president,
     accepted his resignation at a meeting Wednesday, and Captain John R. Kelley was
     elected in stead.
          Plans are being drawn by architect Miller of Lewiston for a Methodist Church
     edifice to be erected this season in Bath. The plans call for stone to the window sills
     and for wood above the lines. The front consists of a large tower, flanked by a small
     tower with arcade between. Leaded glass will be used. The auditorium will seat
     325; the vestry 200, with rolling partition between.
          Friday noon the barge West Virginia, for the Atlantic Transportation Company, of
     Boston, 1576 tons, was launched from the yard of Honorable William Rogers, Bath,
    North End.
          Rev. A. Fred Dunnels, of the Central Church, Bath, has received a call to the
    Central Church at Orange, Mass.
          A correspondent writes; August 24th the marriage of Professor Lester Bailey,
     formerly of Dresden, but now of Adrian, Michigan, to Miss Laura Isabelle Main,
     took place at the home of the bridge's parent in Woolwich. Many relatives and
     friends were present. Professor and Mrs. Baily left immediately after the ceremony
     for their western home, where he will assume hid duties as principal of R. V. Seminary.


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