Friday, October 17, 2014


                                                  MAINE MATTERS


          Frederick Frazier Black, son of Captain Joshua W. Black of Searsport, has just
     been admitted to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York,
     as a cadet from the 3rd  Maine Congressional district to fill a vacancy. Mr. Black
     was alternate cadet, having taken his examination successfully in 1897.
          Walter H. West died at him home in Belfast, Wednesday, as a result of injuries
     in an accident in Northport Avenue two months ago, when accompanied by his wife
     he was driving and collided with a heavy truck team. Both his wife and himself
     were thrown to the ground. She was not seriously injured. He struck on his head
     and never recovered him faculties. Mr. West was a member of the insurance firm
    of Field and West. His age was 45 years.
          A bicycle belonging to Miss Mabel Grady of Belfast, was stolen one night
     recently by some one who pried off the window casings of the carriage house
     where the wheel was kept, took out the window, and thus got the wheel.
          Five large summer residences are to be erected this winter at Dark Harbor,
     Islesboro.  A large number of lots have been sold during the summer. Captain John
     Farrow is circulating a petition requesting the government to establish a buoy in
     Gilkey's Harbor, which is a thoroughfare for many large yachts, several of which have
     got aground there, recently, as nothing marks shoal waters.
          There was held Wednesday a sheriff's sale of the Crosby Inn property, Belfast, on
     a execution for 1895 taxes. The amount of the execution and costs was $348.09. The
     property was bid in for the city to that amount.

          Machias was visited by the heaviest electrical storm for years between ten and
     eleven o'clock Sunday night. The residence of Captain E. S. Wright at Machiasport
     was literally torn to pieces, lightning going through every room in the house. The
     sleeping inmates were buried under falling plastering and laths, but escaped unharmed.
     Mrs. Bion Parsons at East Machias was struck by lightning as she attempted to leave her
     room with her baby. Her right side was shockingly burned from head to foot and the
     baby was badly burned about the feet and legs.
          A burly black man who gave his name as Silas Chaunnel and who claimed to have
     walked to Lubec from Louisiana is charged with making an assault on Constable C. H.
     Scott with a club, cutting him badly. He was committed to jail to await the October
     term of court at Machias.

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