Sunday, October 26, 2014


          New York, August 30th-Captain Haskell of schooner Mary E. Palmer, writes
     to explain that the "captain of the two Palmer schooners-Mary E and William B-at
     Norfolk, 28th, from  Guantanamo Bay, did not clear from the Custom House at Key
     West, but were subject to the orders of the North Atlantic Squadron officers, and
     there was therefore no mistake mad by the aforesaid captain, as has been published."
     The captains were detained 24 hours at Norfolk, when their vessels were released by
     orders from Washing.
          Bath, August 31st.-A. G. G. Deering's yard, the new big  4 masted schooner is half
     framed out. The schooner William C. Tanner is receiving half time survey, and the Ralph
     M. Hayward given an overhauling.

                                                NOTICE TO MARINERS.

          Aug. 20th.-Light vessel No. 47 moored in Long Island Sound, off Cornfield Point,
     was damaged by a collision with a  passing vessel, which necessitated a change in
     characteristic of the while glitch at her foremost head from flashing to fixed. This vessel
     will therefore until further notice, show a fixed white light at her foremast head,
     instead of flashing white, while that at her mainmast will remain fixed red, as etrofore.
         Washington, September 2nd.-Notice is hereby given by the Lighthouse Board that
     on or about September 20th, there will be established in Conimient  Light station, on
     Sand Split, W aide of entrance to Providence River, Rhode Island, a red sector, covering
     an arc of 6 degrees between N by W 1/4 and N 3/4  W, covering Ohio Ledge to upper
     Narragansett Bay. Bearing are magnetic; given approximately and for seaward.
           Edgartown, Mass., Aug 30th.-Arrived schooner Kate, Captain Walker, from New
     York for this port, with coal, grounded on Chappaquiddick Point this morning. She
     will float with slight damage, at high water tonight.
          Boston, Aug. 31st.-The tug N. P. Doane made an unsuccessful attempt last night
     to raise the schooner S. A. Paine, which sank in Broad Sound, off Fawn Bar, while
     inward bound on Tuesday morning from Deer Isle. She will be stripped and abandoned.
          Hyannis, Aug. 30th.-Schooner Lucy Hammond, reported ashore was floated
     yesterday afternoon, and remains here.
          Vineyard Haven, Sept. 1st.-The disabled schooner George W. Glover, which was
     towed in here recently from Nauset by the British schooner Harry, proceeded in tow
     this morning for New Bedford, where she will be repaired.
          Schooner Florence Randall, Captain Thompson, from New York Ferdinanda (Prague?)
     went ashore, Wednesday forenoon, on the south point of Big Bay Island, south of Edisto
     Island, S. C. She is buried in the sand to turn of her bilges-chances of saving the vessel
     are poor. (The F. R. was built at bath in 1882 and bailed from Port Jefferson, N.  Y.)
         Boston, Sept. 8th.-The owners of fishing schooner Ella M. Doughty which was
     dismasted by collision on La Have bank with British steamer Columbia, will bring suit
     against the owners of the steamer to recover damages.
          The big four-mated schooner Mary Palmer, from Norfolk for Boston, coal laded, went
     ashore on Georges Island during a dense fog Sunday. She lies in an easy position, and will
     probably be floated at high water, with assistance of a tug.
          New York, Sept. 3rd-Schooner E. H. Weaver, Captain Faulkingham, from
     Philadelphia for Bridgeport, Ct., went ashore on Rome Shoals early this afternoon.
     Several attempts have been made to flat her, but without success. (The E H W was built
     at Bath in 1887, and hails from New Haven., Ct.
          Vineyard Haven, Sept. 4th-Schooner H. L. Whiton from Kennebunk for New York,
     lost port anchor on Nantucket Shao last night. Procured another here from Susie D.

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