Sunday, October 19, 2014


                                                MAINE MATTERS


          George W. Fisher has relinquished his lease of the Eastern Hotel at Machias to
     it former owner, George D. Perry, who will conduct the affairs of the hostelry.
         Messrs. George Boynton of Machias and Bradford J. Estey of Whiting have
     recently bought a tract of about 4000 acres of timber land in Marion, near the head of
     Rocky Lake, which they hope to operate in the near future.
          It is reported that Allston Cushing the St. John contractor who furnished the lumber
     and piles used in the construction of the plants at North Lubec, has purchased the
     material as it now stands and will take it up to sell it to the Washington County
     Railroad Co., for the construction of a wharf in Eastport. Work will be begun at once to
     take up the piling, several millions of feet of which has been driven in the mud to hold
     the accumulators.
          Mr. Perkins, one of the manufacturer of the fire extinguishers used by the fire
     department, was in Calais Friday to investigate the cause of the explosion whereby
     Colonel E. T. Lee lost his life.  While testing one of the machines it burst at the bottom
    at a pressure of 175 pounds, in exactly the same manner as the one that killed Col. Lee,
     says the Bangor Whig. The verdict of the jury at the corner's inquest was that the
     accident was caused by faulty construction. Mr. Perkins claimed, previous to testing of
     the machines, that the explosion of the one which caused Lee's death was due to an
     overcharge, and that it also must have received a sudden shock, causing it to burst.
          One day last week in Milbridge as a scow load of blueberries belonging to the
     J. & E. Wyman company, was being taken on board the schooner St. Leon, the scow
     careened, dumping into the stream 337 cases, which were afterwards picked up down
     the bay.
          William Pyne of Boisbubert Island, died suddenly of heart disease last week while
     bicycling to Milbridge. His age was 30 years.


         Ocean Park for a long time has not been satisfied with Old Orchard treatment of that
     resort and Thursday a movement was started for the setting of the park from the town of
     Old Orchard and its annexation to Saco. The committee appointed to present the matter to
     the legislature-ex-president Cheney of Bates College, ex-Mayor Milliken of Augusta,
     President L. M. Webb and Secretary E. E. Davis of the Ocean Park Association and Judge
     Knowlton of Portland-are Ocean Park property owners and all desire more permanent
     improvements for their section of the beach. They say the pay $1,800 in taxes into the town
     of Old Orchard and that if it was not for these taxes they would never know whether they
     belonged to Old Orchard or to Saco. They get nothing from the town except the call of
     the tax collector.

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