Friday, June 12, 2015



                                                         MAINE MATTERS
          John Rowe of Thorndike, who died recently was 20 years in the United States
     Navy. He was Master at Arms in the sloop of war Hornet during the naval fights,
     which resulted in the capture of the Peacock and the Penguin
          Mr. Davis, of Cutler, who was so severely wounded by an ax in the hands of
     his son, was living at last accounts.
          Nearly every room in the Passamaquoddy Hotel, Eastport, is engaged for the
     summer. Professor Baird, of the Smithsonian Institute, and a party of friends, are
     among those who have spoken for quarters there.
          Father Durnin, the Catholic priest at Calais, has taken the small pox from a
     dying sufferer, whom he was called to attend.
          The post office of Dennysville has been in the same family 69 years. William
     Kilby was appointed postmaster in 1808; his son John took it in 1837. John's son
     Cyrus succeeded in 1848, and his brother Benjamin,  the present postmaster took
     it in 1854.
          Uncle Johnny Vance, of Baring, is 100 years old and the Sentinel says of him
     that "he has always drank rum and played on the fiddle," and that he has begun
     his second century "with more strength and knowledge than he did the first!" His
     father was one of the richest land proprietors in that section.
          Messrs. Allan  & Co., and others of Dennysville, have cut fifteen millions of
      lumber the past season, enough to stock their mills for four year. It was obtained
     among timber killed by fire and tornado two years ago.
          Massachusetts sportsmen have bought of Benjamin  Young of Calais, a tract of
     land on each side of Deblois stream, that they may claim a fishing reservation. It
     is a favorite resort for salmon trout.
          A revival is in progress at Addison Point, under the preaching of Rev. Mr. Davies.
          In the organization of the city government of Calais, Honorable F. A. Pike got one
     vote for city physician!.
          Thomas H. Cole, of Biddeford will probably be appointed collector of that
     port; Moses Lowell, deputy; and Eben Emerson, inspector.
          The plans of the new jail to be built at Alfred was prepared by the Messrs.
     Fassett, of this city. The building will be a credit to the county and an  ornament
     to the village, and will cost about $30,000.


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