Friday, June 5, 2015


                                                           CITY ITEMS
                                                    (Glances About Town.)
          Great rush to the City Agency last week, and abuses creeping in; Mayor Kingsbury
     shuts down the gate, no further supplies without the prescription of a physician;
     consternation ensues among the drouthy (sic,) and inconvenience results to mechanics
     needing spirits for mechanical purposes so to accommodate the latter the interdict is
     withdrawn, but the Agent is charged to sell only to well-known and responsible parties;
     so it is no use to attempt to run your face at the City liquor shop.
          At a meeting of the Ladies' Circle of the Congregational Church at Woodford's
     Corner last  week, Dr. W. R. Johnson, dentist, of this city, presented the society with
     an elegant pulpit Bible, and  made some extended remarks on the occasion; the gift
     was accepted with the hearty thanks of the Parish.
          The familiar features of a departed citizen, long prominent in Portland affairs,
     are vividly recalled by the crayon portrait of the late Honorable Eliphalet Greeley, to
     be seen at Hale's.
          The Argus states that the last pay day, Mr. C. P. Kimball paid $5,100.00 to 103
          Mr. Charles S.  Lufkin of Yarmouth, has brought a civil suit in the Superior Court,
     laying damages at $10,000, against Dr. J. B. Hughes, of this city, for procuring an
     abortion upon his wife, without his knowledge or consent, thereby causing her death;
     the case will be in order for trial at the May term; Dr. Hughes was tried and convicted
     of procuring an abortion in 1868, and sentenced to one year in State Prison, but before
     imprisoned was pardoned by Governor Cony.
          C.J. Schumacher has returned from Europe looking all the better for the trip.
          The next Fraternity entertainment Saturday evening, will be the last of the season
     previous to the great closing entertainment at City Hall, about the middle of May;
     last Saturday evening the hall was filled to its utmost capacity, and were delighted
     with the vocal music by Miss Ayres, Mr. Monroe, and the Arions,  and the pianists,
     Mrs. Thompson and Miss Hemenway; Mr. Murray gave a reading, and also Mr.
     William Allen, whose performance was one of the most enjoyable features of the
     occasion, for he is indeed an excellent reader.
          At the adjourned meeting of the First Parish, on Monday, the pastor's salary was
     fixed at $3,300; the parish committee,  St. John Smith, J. E. Donnell and M. P.
     Emery, resigned their positions, and John Rand, Lewis Pierce and Hezekiah Winslow
     were elected in their stead.
          The store of A. Deering and Son, 376 Congress Street, was entered by burglars
     Sunday night, and the safe was opened and robbed of $100.
           Dr. Chase of this city has invented a canal boat, propelled in such a way as not to
     wash the banks, such as one he thinks as the Erie Canal has offered $100,000 for; a
     model 40 feet long will be launched this week.
          President Chamberlain, of Bowdoin College is to deliver the Memorial Day
     oration in this city.


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