Sunday, June 14, 2015


          In this city, January 10th, by Rev. A. H. Wright, William G. Bailey and Julia T.
     Griffin, both of Freeport.
          In this city, December 8th, by Rev. B. F. Pritchard, Edmund L. Rich and Maggie
     McClure, both of Portland.
          In this city December 9th, by Rev. J. R. Crosses, William T. Sheldon and Flora A.
     Smith, both of Portland.
          In Cape Elizabeth, January 8th, by Rev. Dalton, Austin R. Perry, of Portland,  and
      Elizabeth M. Ballard, of Cape Elizabeth.
          In Bath, January 6th, Patrick H. Sheehan, of Boston, and Vinnie (Virginia?) E. Blake
      of  Bath.
          In Phippsburg, December 31, 1887, Henry Morris, of Phippsburg, and Abbie O.
     Hagan, of Georgetown.
          In East Machias, December 29th, 1887, Charles E. McReavey and Florence E.
          In Millbridge, December 7th, 1887, Edward Tusker and Fannie Strout, both of
          In Machias, December 29th, 1887, Eugene C. Davis and Lotte C. Longfellow.
          In Jonesport, December 31, 1887, Warren L. Noyes and Vina Falkenham, both
     of Jonesport.
          In Calais, December 18, 1887, George A. Savage of Eastport, and Grace Gilley,
     both of St. Andrews.
          In Sanford, January 1st., Ira T. Downes and Alma J. Stover.
          In Landolph, January 2nd, Albert F. Ingraham and Mrs. Mary Taylor.
          In Winthrop, January 1st, Arthur D. Hall and E. May Robinson.
          In Lawrence, (Mass.?) January 6th, Harry E. Morse of Saco, and Etta M.
     Lovering, of Lawrence.
          In Saccarappa, January 8th, by Rev.  M.  C. Pendexter, Sumner C. Berry,
     of Westbrook, and Sarah H. Parker, of Buxton.
          In Harpswell, January 1st, by Rev. J. F. Lawson, Esq.., John B. Thomas and Addie
     E. Worthing, both of Harpswell.
          In East Machias, January 1st., Ulyses G. Brown and Fannie B. Richardson.
          In Eastport, December 29, 1887, Eliah A. Murphy and Mary M.Galley, both of
          In Millbridge, December 27, 1887, Charles A. bray and Marian A. Cook. both
    of Millbridge.
          In Columbia, January 25th, Charles C. Worcester and Miss D. P. Worcester.
          In Lewiston, January 9th, William R. Brown and Elizabeth Hudson, both of
          In Mt. Vernon, January 1st,. Daniel Brown of Durham, and Julia A.Trafton,
     daughter of Rev. A. O. Trafton.
          In Wiscasset, December 24th, George McPhea, of Gardiner and Mary E.
     Cowley of Wiscasset.
          In Wiscasset, December 29th, George H. Harrington, of Edgecomb and Ellen
       G. Colby of Wiscasset.
           In Weld, January 1st, Oliver Masterton and Violet F. Newell, both of
          In Anson, October 15, 1887, F. V. Gilman and Mabel Dawes.
          At Great Chebeague, January 4th, by J. E. Jenks, Esq., Mr. Alonzo G. Dyer,
     of Bates Island in Cumberland, and Christina F. Miller, of Long Island, Portland.
          In Bath, January 8th, by Rev. L. L. Hanscom, Lester A. Perry, of Phippsburg,
    and Albina A. Preble of Bath.
         In Waldoboro, January 10th, Captain Spurdon Stahl and Fannie Webb, both
     of Waldoboro.
          In Rockland, January 9th, T. H. Fields, of Rockland, and Addie Haskell of
     Deer Isle.
          In Searsmont, January 1st, Norice Richard of Searsmont, and Hattie Thomas
     of Lincolnville.
          In Warren December 23rd, William A. Hawes, of Union and Mary H. William,
     of Union.
          In Lewiston, January 8th, W. E. Rogers and Josie Witham.
          In South Auburn, January 6th, William E. Marsh and Olivia Bragdon.


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