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          In this city, January 9th, Mrs. Jennie R., wife of J. F. Burnham, aged 48 years.
          In this city, January 9th, Mrs. J. B. Donnell, aged 58 years.
          In this city, January 8th, Sarah S., widow of the late Edward Ponnell, aged
     83 years.
          In this city, January 8th, Walter Albert, only child of John A. and  Ella M. Mace,
     aged  2 years, 10 months.
          In this city, January 12th, George L. Churchill, aged 69 years, 2 months.
          In this city, January 12th, George Willard, only child of James F. and Ella M.
     Whitney, aged 4 months, 5 days.
          In this city, January 12th, Eunice J. Knight, aged 63 years, 3 months.
          In this city, January 12th, Eunice Madigan, aged 26 years.
          In South Portland, January 12th, George F. Soule, aged 68 years.
          In St. Paul, Minnesota, December 28th, 1887, William L. Noble, formerly of
     Portland, aged 40 years, 4 months.
          In Martinville, Lincoln County, December  20th, Mrs. Sarah E., wife of  Deacon
     Joseph Meservey, aged 58 years.
          In Martinsville, December 20th, James Elwell, aged 92 years, 4  months.
          In North Haven, December 25th, Albert G. Beverage, aged 61 years.
          In Jefferson, December 22nd, Mrs. Margaret Carter.
          In Lincolnville, December 22nd, Ephraim Calderwood, aged 88 years.
          In Boston, Mass., at the home of her son-in-law, Daniel Hallett, Mrs. France
     Gorham Emery, a native of Buxton, and daughter of Dr. Royal Brewster,
     aged 82 years, 6 months.
          In Litchfield, January 1st, Mrs. Mary S., wife of William Smith, aged 77 years.
          In Biddeford, January 6th, Mrs. Elizabeth Brady.
          In Dresden,  January 2nd, Mrs.  Charlotte, wife of Albert Ham, aged 65 years,
     10 months.
          In Lyman, December 27th, John Whitten, aged 80 years.
          In Machias, December 28th, Steven Averill, aged 84 years.
          In Eastport, January 1st, Francis Anthony, aged 21 years, 10 months.
          In Sebago, January 8th, Mark Penney, aged 98 years, 8 months.
          In West Auburn, January 4th, Cyrus J. Verrill, aged 76 years, 6 months.
          In Biddeford, January 7th, Mrs. Lydia Watson, aged 88 years, 4 months.
          In Augusts, January 7th, Jane Fleming, of this city.
          In Calais, December 24th, Mrs. Mahala C. Griggs, aged 60 years.
          In Eastport, December 30th, Frederick A. Schroder, aged  39 years.

          In Kezar Falls, December 23, 1887, Anna, wife of John Gilman, aged 89 years.
          In Lewiston, January 5th, Catherine Murphy, aged 23 years.
          In Cornish, January 8th, Benjamin Sawyer, aged 46 years.
          In Gardiner, December 30t 1887 Margaret Rines, aged 78.
          In Gardiner, January 5th, Mrs. Drucillia (?) White, aged 76 years.
          In Litchfield, January 4th, of pneumonia, Mrs. Sewall Fuller.
          In Biddeford, January, Mrs. Lydia Watson, aged 88 years.
          At Goose Rocks, January 6th, Lucy F., only daughter of Ansell Wildes, aged 7 years.
          In Augusta, January 6th, Nellie P. Webster, aged 50 years, wife if the late Charles
     Webster, of Auburn.
           In Augusta, January 5th, Charles A. Hinckley, aged 44 years.
          In Augusta, January 8th, at the residence of his father, Dr. Herbert S. Jordan, late
     of Waltham, Mass.
          In Bath, January 9th, David P. son of Augus and Maggie McCloud, aged 2 years,
     9 months.
          In South China, Me., January 1st, Margaret S. Burns, aged 84 years, 7 months.
          In Bath, January 6th, William T. Nugent, aged 40 years.
          In Hallowell, December 22, 1887, Mrs. C. A. Cummings, aged 24 years.
          In Lewiston, January 8th, Mrs. Julia Hanscom Milton, aged 65 years, 1 month.
          In Winslow, December 21, 1887, Lizzie Hewey, aged 11 years, 1 month.
          In Winslow, December 21, 1887, Yina (?)  J. Rollins, aged 34 years.
          In Tallmadge, Ohio, January 5th, Sarah, wife of Daniel Hine, aged  61 years,
     9 months.
          In Boston, Mass., January 11th, Joseph W. Blanchard.
          In Saco, January 11th, Mrs. Almira Tibbets, aged 30 years; wife of  James Norris,
     aged 74 years, 5 months.
          In Waterford, December 31, 1887, Olive Watson, widow of Joel S. Kimball, aged
     74 years.
          In Fryeburg, January 26th, S. C. Hobbs, aged 77 years.
          In Brunswick, January 4th, Edgar P. Kincaid, aged 12 years.
          In Rockland, January 7th, John D. Miller, aged 48 years, 4 months.
          In Searsmont, January 3rd, Mrs. Elsie Buck, 77 years, 8 months.
          In Deer Isle, December 23, 1887, Mrs. Sarah Smith, aged 28 years, 4 months.
          In Bangor, January 9th, John Murch Hamlin, aged 58 years, 3 months.
          In Castine, January 9th, Samuel T. Noyes, aged 64 years.
          In Rockland, January 44th, Asa Crockett, aged 78 years.
          In Montville, December23, 1887, John Bryant, aged 90 years, 6 months.
          In Bluehill, December 26, 1887, Mrs. Elduster (Eldasta)  H. Merrill, aged 61 years,
     8 months.
          In Winslow, December 21, 1887, Vina J. Rollins, aged 34 years (see above)
          In East Bluehill, January Zenas Closson, aged 75 years.
          In Waterville, January 4th, Luther B. Paine (?)
          In Talmadge, Ohio, January 5th, Mrs. Sarah Hine, formerly of North Yarmouth,
     aged 61 years. (see above)
          In Bath, January 10th, Mabel A., daughter of George W. and Lizzie Luce,
     aged 14 years, 10 months.
          In Ellsworth, December 19th, Solon L. Goodell, aged 60 years, 11 months.
          In Franklin, December 15, 1887, George Dyer, aged 45 years, 11 months.
          In Franklin, December 24, 1887, Laura M. Goodwin, aged 33 years, 3 months.
          In Tremont, December 20, 1887, Eva L.  Sawyer, aged 25 years, 3 months.
          In Norway, Me., January 5th, A. B. Chase, aged 69 years.
          In Brownfield, January 5th, Carrie Brown, aged 17 years.
          In Sweden, Me., December, 30, 1887, Cordelia A., wife of John P. Plummer,
     aged 61 years.
           In Bethel, December 29, 1887, Mrs. Emma, wife of B. F. Estes, aged 27 years.
           In Waldoboro, January 10th, Eliza, relict of the late Henry Mank aged 88 years.
           In Newcastle, December 30, 1887, Captain Andrew Elliott, aged 78 years.
           In China, Me., January 1st, Mrs. Alice Hanson, aged 82.
           In Clinton, January 1st, I. C. Freeman Potter, aged 37 years.
           In Waterville, January 3rd, Luther B. Paine, aged 48 years. (see above)
           In Oakland, January 5th, Mrs. Abigail W. Knox, aged 65 years.
           In Lenoxville, Canada, January 10, Francis McDonald, formerly of Portland.
           In Auburn, January 13th, Bedelia Foley, formerly of Portland,, aged 61 years,
     10 months.
          In Saccarappa, January 10th, of consumption, Nellie Gay, aged 34 years,
     7 months.






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