Wednesday, June 17, 2015


          In Lovell, December 25th, G. M. Foss and Annie R. Dresser, both of Standish.
          In West Paris, Me., January 1st, Joseph F. Littlehale and M. E. Stevens.
          In Bethel, January 3rd, Albert B. Grover and Edith Wheeler.
          In Norway, Me., January 3rd, Wesley Marshall, of Paris, and Mollie Campbell,
     of Norway.
          In Auburn, January 1st, George S. Boutelle and Lizzie M. Lovejoy.
          In Rockland, December 28th, Warren H. Hodgdon and Amanda M. Butler.
          In Rockland, December 29th, Charles H. Pillsbury and Ada F. Staples.
          In Palmyra,  January 1st, Henry McFarland, of Palmyra, and Adella  Lancaster,
     of St. Albans.
          In Addison, December 23rd, Amasa Wass and Mary Wass.
          In Rockport, December 24th, George L. Wentworth and Josephine G .Richards.
          In Belfast, December 26th, Adrian C. Tuttle and Minnie M. Wentworth, both of
          In Bucksport, January 3rd, W. T. Atwood and Nettie F. Bridges, both of Bucksport.
          At Great Falls, New Hampshire, December 24th, Edgar A. Allen, of Wells, and
     Katie T. Griffin, of West Acton.
          In Lowell, Mass., January 1st, by Rev. Smith Baker, Millard Charles and Sarah
     Foster, of Lowell, Mass.
          In Gorham, January 8th, at the residence of the bridegroom, by Rev. John Cobb,
     James M. Moody of Gorham, and Hattie A. Lord, of Biddeford.
          In Limerick, Joseph A. Hill and Lydia Watson.
          In Pittsfield, January 1st, Walter A. Hedgdon of Clinton, and Annie L. Hooper,
     of Pittsfield.
          In Lovell, Greenville Foss and Annie Dresser, both of Standish. (see above)
          In Rome, Me., December 26th, Jessie Hawes, of Farifield, and Edith M. Ellis of
           In Santa Cruz, California, January 1st,  Fred Blith, of Santa Cruz, and Carrie
     W. Dresser, formerly of Portland.
           In Freeport, January 13th, William M. True, of Lynn, Mass., and Gertrude
     O. Stubbs, of Pownal.
           In Bath, January 3rd, Abraham L. West, of Bath and Luella H. Chatterly, of


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