Sunday, September 27, 2015


          Bridgton, June 12th, to the wife of Luther G. Kimball, a son.
          Starks, June 3rd, to the wife of W. J. Drew, a daughter.
          Farmington, June 8th, to the wife of Osman O. Hardy, a daughter, Maud Evelyn.
          North Vassalboro, June 10th, to the wife of B. J. Rackliff, a daughter.
          On board barque Addie E. Sleeper, on the voyage from Cairns, Australia  to
     Queenstown, England, February 6th, to the wife of Captain Henry J. Sleeper, a son.
          Clinton, June 12th, to the wife of George Spearin, a son.
          Fairfield, June 7th, to the wife of Willard Jones, a son.

        Yarmouth, June 22nd, by Rev. T. P. Adams, James R. Jones of Portland, and Parintha
     W. Salter of Burlington, Nova  Scotia.
          In this city, June 10th, by Rev. W. E. Gibbs, Newton W. Harris and Lizzie C. Huston,
     both of Portland.
          In this city, June 15th, Murray H. Watson, of Auburn, and Maggie A. Foley, of
          In this city, June 12th, Justine Hubbard, of Biddeford, and Maria Thyne of Saco.
          In this city, June 19th, by Rev. F. E. Clark Joseph D.  Pennell and Mrs. Mary W.
     W. Barnes, both of Portland.
          In this city, June 19th, by Rev. A. S. Ladd, William J. Hagan and Maggie L.
     Trufant, both of Bath.
          Great Falls, New Hampshire, June 17th, by Rev. R. L. Greene, Frank A. Harriman,
     of Boston, and Miria L. Willis, of Deering.
          Brunswick , June 8th, Frank E. Roberts and A. Lida Stanwood.
          Farmingdale, June 20th, S. E. Strong and Mrs. N. A. Gulliver, both of
          Calais, June 9th, Edgar W. Coleman and Louise M. Gould, both of Calais.
          Buxton, June 16th, Willis E.  Gerry, of Hopkinton, Mass., and Susie C. Brooks,
     of Buxton.
          Hiram, June 16th, Henry W. Lovejoy and Annie G. Harriman,  both of
          Dover, New Hampshire, June 11th, Edwin H. Cromwell, of Westport, Me.,
     and Alsadania L., daughter Joseph Hanson, of Dover.
          Lewiston, June 17th, Fred Tarr and Lois A. Hackett,
          Skowhegan, June 16th, Frank S. Morrill and Rose M. Fletcher, both of
          Ellsworth, June 12th, Charles J. Brown and Jessie L. Garland, both of
          Portsmouth, N. H., June 16th, John W. Dyer and Mrs. Martha A. Stover,
     both of Portland.
          Harrington, June 9th, Veranus C. Curtis and Marcella Ramsdell, both of
          Douglas, New Brunswick, June 14th, Dr. James C. Gannett of Yarmouth, Me.,
    and Adria M. Craig of Douglas.
          Lisbon, Me., June 16th, A. E. Meigs of New Haven and Nellie R. Moore, of Lisbon.


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