Wednesday, September 16, 2015


                                                    MAINE MATTERS
          Two sons of E.F. Packard, Esq., of Auburn, took 1,7000 mackerel with hooks, in
     a few hours, in Harpswell Bay, one day last week.
          The mass convention of straights Greenbackers, held at Lewiston on Saturday week,
     was taken possession of by the fusionists, who after a scene of great excitement, finally
     endorsed the Democratic nominations. The straight Greenbackers then withdrew and
     nominated Kingsbury Donnell, of Webster for Senator, and J. B. Storer for Judge of
          A large Republican meeting was held at Lisbon, Me., on the 28th ult. Fourteen
     towns and four counties sent delegations. Honorable O. C. Moore, of New Hampshire,
     and General C.H. Grosvenor of Ohio, addressed the people.
          Recent investigations of City Marshal Smith, of Lewiston, tend to confirm the story
     of one Stevens, a state prison convict who says he saw, in Michigan, Lizzie Lowell, for
     whose supposed murdered  her husband James Lowell, was convicted. It may be a case of
     mistaken identity, but the facts thus far developed demand that the matter should be probed
     to the bottom.
          The reunion of the First Maine Cavalry Association took place at Lewiston on the 2nd
    inst., and was largely attended. In the evening a complimentary  banquet was given by
    resident comrades, at which Governer Garcelon and Daniel F. Davis were present.
          Mr. Sidney Cook, of Presque Isle, is building a side-wheel steamboat which will
     run on the Aroostock River. It is nearly finished and will be called the Pinafore.
          Honorable J. C. Madigan of Houlton, has been very ill for the past few weeks.
          In Fort Fairfield, night of the 26th, a gang of thieves entered the stores of B. J.
     Stevens, boots and shoes, L K. Cary, hardware, B. F. Glenson, groceries and James
     Doran's confectionary, and stole money and goods in each place.
          As. Mr. A. S. Noyes, a clerk for Small & Newman, West Falmouth, and two ladies
     were riding down a steep hill at West Falmouth, the horse stumbled and fell, throwing
     out the occupants of the carriage and seriously  injuring Mr. Noyes. The ladies escaped
     with a few bruises
          Mr. Horatio McKinney, while at work in the pulp mill at Brunswick, on the 30th,
      ult., was caught in a revolving shaft and severely injured; a leg was broken, an arm
     badly fractured, and it is feared that he received internal injuries.
          It is said that the death of Miss Lizzie Knowles of Harpswell, who was reported last
      week to have died of poisoning, was really caused by diphtheria.


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