Wednesday, September 2, 2015


          Schooner Unison, from Gardiner, landed at Gloucester 1st ins., James Hinkley, one
     of the crew of the fishing schooner Edith L. Conley, who was picked up off  Sequin,
     after four days in his dory without food or water.
          At East Boothbay, 3rd inst., Albert Kenniston purchased at auction fishing
     schooners, Nellie Grant, Odd Fellow and Effort.

          Schooner General S. E. Merwin was sold at auction on 28th to satisfy the demand
     of the salvages and was bid in by her present owner, Henry Sutton, of New Haven, for
          Waldoboro, May 30th.-Schooner Daylight of New Haven, coal laden, before reported
     ashore on Three kegs, has been floated and is now beached at Harbor Island. The captain
     has gone to Bath for steam tug and steam pump, and after temporary repairs the vessel will
     proceed to Bangor and discharge.
          Later-The Daylight was towed to Bangor 31rd.
          Ship I. F. Chapman, Thompson, at San Francisco from New York, reports had heavy gales
     for 21 days off Cape Horn, the ship's deck being under water most of the time.
          Schooner Clara B. Kennard, at Dover 1st inst., from Rockland, had to throw over 70
     casks of lime that had caught fire.
          Yarmouth, N. S.,May 30th-Fishing schooner Lizzie Lee, of Lamoine (before reported,)
     was got off Seal Island and towed here with loss of part keel.
          Schooner Pierce, Dodge, from Bangor for Boston, with brick, put into Seal Harbor 30th,
      inst., leaking badly and was run on the flats.
          Schooner Clara J. Wilbur at Boston from Hayti (sic) reports on the outward passage
     from Wiscasset for Port an Prince, had a terrific gale off Highland Light, during which
     shipped heavy seas, which carried away part of deck load, broke cathead, blew away jib
     and tore away stay sails, broke steering gear, flooded cabin,  forecastle and galleys,
     damaging the vessel's stores, &c.
          Schooner Fleetwing, of Belfast, lately sunk at Deer Isle with 165 tons of granite, has been
      raised by L. E. Lunt & Co., of Portland, and taken to Belfast. 
          Perth Amboy, N.  J., June 3rd-Schooner M. Draper, hence for Hallowell grounded
     yesterday, but was helped off by tug Governor Fenta, and proceeded uninjured.
          Schooner Nellie Shaw, Thompson, from Nassau, N. P. for Machias, in ballast went
     ashore on Barrett's Point, Grand Bahamas, and became a total wreck. Captain. and crew
     and materials saved and reached Nassau morning the 27th.


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