Friday, September 4, 2015


          Denmark, Me., August 24th, to the wife of F. F. Jewett, a son.
          Vinalhaven, August, 15th, to the wife of James Mangan, a son.
          Mt. Vernon, August 27th, to the wife of H. W. Tayolr, a son; August 24th, to
      the wife of Charles G. Wyman, a daughter.
          Auburn, August 27th, to the wife of Lester E. Miller, a daughter.
          Patten, August 21st, to the  wife of Charles Gilman, a son and a daughter.
          Patten, August 16th, to the wife of Russell Royal,  a daughter.
          Crystal, August 17th, to the wife of W. C .Hackett, a daughter.
          Pittston, August 23rd, to the wife of Fred Gardiner, a  son.
          Gardiner, August, 25th, to the wife of J. J. Woodcock, a son.

          In this city, July 22nd, by Rev. Dr. Fenn, W. H. Fessenden and Mrs. Jennie M.
          In this city, August 10th, by Rev, H.  J. Bradbury, William H. Sargent and Lizzie
     Bearce, both of Portland.
          Scarboro, August 25th, James C. Lewis and Annie B.Mitchell, both of Scarboro.
          Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada, August 21st, Cyrus Lowell, of this city, and
     Lydia L. Gamble of Moneton, New Brunswick.
          Bath, August 28th, Laurens D. Peterson and Abbie T. Rairden.
          Augusta, August 24th, Stephen Pierce, Jr., of Windsor, and Ada F. Partridge of
          Paris, Me., August 23rd, Dr. Seth B.  Morse and Helen M. Harlow, both of
          Manchester, Mass., August 6th, Silas S. Raker, of Standish, Me., and Ellen A.
     Roberts, of Manchester.
          Harrison, August 23rd, William B. Haskell and Abbie C. Sampson, both of
          Auburn, August 27th, John E. Goodwin and Mary M. Harmon, both of  Auburn.
          Vinalhaven, August 23rd, Freeman Vinal and Miss E. Dean, both of Vinalhaven.
          Yarmouth, August 25th, Charles W. Rogers of Boston, and Lillian F. Wagg, of
           San Jose, California, August 20th, at the residence of David Parker, by the Rev.
      Mr. Foote, Captain John B. Drinkwater, of Yarkmouth, Me., and Lydia Slocum of
     Providence, R. I.
          Kennebunk, August 27th, Thomas H. Stacey of Lewiston, and Clara L. Farnham,
     of Kennebunk.
          Stockton, August 24th, George E. Hatch and Rose E. Grant, both of Stockton.
          Goldsboro, August 23rd, Leonard W. Bragdon and Clara B. Ash, both of Sullivan.
          Lamoine, August 24th, Willard Peen and Alice N. Cheever, both of Lawrence,
          Damariscotta, August 26th, Capt. Francis M. Hinckley of Barnstable, Mass., and
     Angie H. Chapman, of Damariscotta.
          Topsfield, August 24th,  Edgar Rhoades and Eunice Ward, both of Topsfield;
     also Benjamin W. Hewes of Houlton, and Cora E. Tupper of Topsfield.
          Monmouth, August 24th, W. W. Woodbury and Lizzie S. Dudley, both of
          Orono, August ?3 (23?) Frank P. Johnson  of Orono and Ida M. Reynolds of
          Bingham, August 23rd, Joel W. York and Lucinda, York, both of Bingham.
          Gardiner, August 24th, Robert Lynch of Togus, and Rosanna Hennessey of
          East Winthrop, August 27th, Charles A. Vose and Emma L. Wadsworth, both of
     East Winthrop.
          Auburn, August 30th, Edgar  M. Briggs, A. M.  And Annie Moore.
          Webster, August 30th, M. F. Buker and Miss S. E. Cole.
          Eastport, August 24th, Andrew McMaster and Mrs. Alice Hanscomb, both of
     Eastport; August 25th, William Brown, of Calais and Mary McCutcheen of Eastport.
          Bath, August 30th, John M. Greenleaf of Wiscasset and Emma F. Rittal, of



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