Sunday, September 13, 2015


                                                     CITY ITEMS
                                                Glances About Town
          One of the clothing firms in this city, Allen & Co., have already $3,000 worth of
     orders for clothing.
          The Republicans have nominated the following ticket for representatives; Moses
     Butler, Almon A. Strout, Reuel Mazey, Samuel A. True, and John B. Coyle, Jr.
          James Webb, of Millbridge, New Jersey, while at work on board a schooner at Union
     wharf, last Monday, received a deep wound in the groin, and possibly internal injuries, by
     a heavy pipe falling upon him; his chances of recovery were considered as about even.
          Mr. Bean, residing on Summer Street, in this city, a brakeman on the Maine Central,
     had the misfortune to break his arms while unshackling cars at New Gloucester, August
     1st,; on the 1ist inst., he reported for duty, and on the same day, at the same place, New
     Cloucester, while drawing a pin, broke his leg below the knee, and was brought home to
     his family  at 12:30.
          General Garfield spoke at City Hall, Tuesday evening to a large audience.
     Mrs. Patrick Hagans was found dead in her bed, in Dolan's block Tuesday night; her
     death probably resulted from natural causes.
          H. C. Lovell, foreman of the sail maker's department at Kittery Navy Yard, has been
     looking for ten men in Portland, but found only four.
          While Mr. Delano, on Oxford Street was making cartridges on day last week, one of
     them exploded, the bullet striking him in the neck and inflicting a severe flesh wound.
         The First Regiment, Massachusetts Patriarchs, 250 strong, with Salem band, arrived
     and here on Friday week, and were received and escorted through out streets by the
     Portland Patriarchs, Captain N. G. Fessenden, who turned out 105 men, with Chandler's
     Band; the two association made a handsome appearance, and with the flags displayed
     along the route, and the crowds of spectators, gave a festive air  to the city; at City Hall
     Mayor  Walker  bade the guest welcome in a neat  speech, and after receiving the
     hospitable attention of their brethren here they departed in the Boston steamer, well
     pleased with the visit to the Forrest City.
          On Wednesday evening of this week the musical season opens with the grand
      complimentary concert of Miss Dodworth, in which in addition to Miss. Cary and the
      beneficiary, a strong array of our local talent will appear; the board is well pegged as
      we go to press, but seats may yet be had, and all who attend will enjoy a rare musical
          On Saturday evening of last week, schooner Addie, of York, in attempting to pass
     the draw of Grand Trunk railroad bridge, ran into a passing train of freight cars, and
     had bow stove in; six cars were thrown off on the frame of the bridge, and the trucks
     went into deep water.



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