Friday, September 18, 2015


                                                   MAINE MATTERS
         The Greenbackers of Cape Elizabeth have refused to coalesce with the Democrats
     on the representative, and have nominated Rev. William F. Eaton,  a straight Greenbacker.
     The Democrats have endorsed the nomination.
        A silver watch, of the bull's-eye pattern, made in London 374 years ago, in now in
     the possession of Mr. Paul R. Curtis, of Freeport.
          Bears are getting troublesome in some parts of out town. Mr. Daniel Field, of
     West Phillips, recently lost several sheep, and in passing through his pasture,
     suddenly discovered a bear asleep. Calling some assistance they stoned the
     "varmint" out of sight.- Phillips Phonograph.

          L. L. Lincoln, of August, formerly Superintendent of the First Division of Maine
     Central road,  has leased for ten years the Bucksport & Bangor Railroad, heretofore
      operated by the E. & N. A. Railway. The road is to be changed to a three feet gauge,
      and the rolling stock is already engaged for it. The engines came from Philadelphia
      will be of the pattern run on the Centennial Railroad. The new freight cars will be
     built at Camden, in this state.
          Dr. Boutell, of Waterville, has sent seven Jerseys and twenty-seven Southdown
     sheep to the New England fair.
          The schooner Stephen Bennett, of Camden, left Boston for Baltimore on the 12th
     ult., for a pleasure trip. No letter or report has been received from her since sailing
     until the 20th when she was seen bottom up twenty miles S. S. E. of Phoenix Island
     (Pacific Ocean) by schooner D.J. Lee. She had on board Captain Bennett, his wife,
      his nephew, and William Richards, son of R. Richards of Augusta.
     nephew, and William Richards, son of  R. Richards of Augusta.
          The granite monument to be erected to  General Wool, at Troy, N. Y., and recently
     quarried and cut by the Bodwell Granite Co., at their Vinalhaven quarries, has the
     shaft ever quarried,  cut and erected in this county. The entire monument comprises
     1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases, plinth, die, neck and shaft, and when cut weighed 254 tons.
     It is of the beautiful brownish granite and highly ornamented with carving and
     inscriptions. The great shaft is said to be but little inferior in length to Celopatra's


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