Sunday, September 20, 2015


                                                       MAINE MATTERS
          At Wiscasset, 2nd inst., Thomas Shea, shipmaster, attempted suicide by
     shooting. His recovery is doubtful. Pecuniary trouble was the cause.
          Our East Peru, Me., correspondent writes: W. H. Conant is building at this place.
     Crops of all kinds are maturing well. More wheat is produced in Peru this year than
     in one year for a quarter of a century.
          Honorable F. M. Fogg, A. S. Kimball, Esq., and W. D. Chase, Esq., addressed
     a large audience at Canton, August 30th.
          The Maine Association of the Church of the New Jerusalem met in Fryeburg on
     the 30th ult., Rev. Dr. Dike, of Bath, in the chair. The New Church Society in
     Fryeburg applied for admission to membership in the Maine Association, and the
     application was granted. Delegates of the church appearing they were admitted to
     membership was appropriate exercise's and remarks. The Portland Society was
     reported as enjoying more than its usual prosperity. The debt of $11,000 has been
     reduced one-half in the past year. Great unanimity is felt in the society for their new
     pastor, Mr. Smyth. It has a Sabbath school of one hundred and seven-teen, with an
     average attendance of seventy-five. The New Church was dedicated the 31st, with
     appropriate services, sermon by Rev. W. B. Haydon.

          The Gazette says that one day last week a tramp entered the barn of Mr. Leighton, of
     Dexter, during his absence, and began harnessing the horse. Mrs. Leighton, hearing a noise
     went out and asked by what right he was on the premises. He replied that he had hired the
     horse. She knew better than that, as they never let it. Other words followed and Mrs.
     Leighton declared if he did not leave she would brain him with the ax. She really collared
     him, and after quite a tussle, succeeded in ejecting him from the premises.
          Dr. William Hall, is on trial at Bangor on an indictment for manslaughter. The
     allegation is that a Mrs. Cobb of that city came to her death through the defendant in
     treating her confinement and after the birth of her child, defendant being a physician
     in practice in Bangor.
          Miss Luella Gary a Bangor school teacher, while visiting in Lagrange, was thrown
     from a carriage and received such injuries about her spine that her complete recovery
     is considered doubtful.
          William Pratt has been appointed postmaster in South Sebec.
          Captain John Patten, of Bath, celebrated his ninetieth birthday on the 27th ult. He is
      is still hale and hearty.
          A five year old son of Charles M. Morton, of Bath, fell from a gondola at the marine
     railway, on the 29th ult. and was drowned. His body was recovered.
          Mr. Zacheus Varney, of Bowdoinham, was badly injured on the 29th ult., by being thrown
     from a wagon while returning from Bath.


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