Friday, October 2, 2015


                                                          CITY ITEMS
                                                  (Glances About Town)
          The Portland Packing Company received a silver medal at the Berlin Fishing
          On Thursday week Mr. James McGlincy was found dead on the floor his chamber at  his
      residence on Danforth Street; Dr. Bray pronounced the cause of his death to be apoplexy,
     resulting from his habit of washing his feet in cold water on rising; Mr. McGlincy was
     57 years old, he was born in Londonderry, Ireland, came to this city in 1842, and was long 
     engaged here in the wholesale liquor traffic, by which he amassed a fortune; in 1862 and
     1863  he was Councilman from Ward 4; he leaves five children, four daughters and a son.
          Mrs. William E. Gould has been elected President of the Woman's Maine Missionary
     Society of the Congregational Church.
         George Stinson & Co., of this city, have prepared electrotype portraits of Garfield
     and Arthur, which will be followed by plates of the Democratic nominees; the political
     papers will find a ready use for them.
            The crazy man who undertook to pull down the post-office stole Captain Benjamin
     Jones' yacht Clarence, and was putting out to sea when he was overhauled and brought
          The third time goes it; and Maine has her candidate for the presidency  after all;
     Blaine and Solon Chase failed, but General Dow carries off the nomination.
          At the annual shoot of the Portland Cadets,  last week, Capt. N. D. Winslow
     made 24 out a possible 25, and won the first prize.
          On Friday night of last week Capt. Chase's store on Jewell's Island was broken into
     and a set of sails, valued at $30, was stolen.
           Dr. Weeks, wife and daughter, and Mrs. C. R Milliken and Misses Milliken, of this
     city are in London; Mrs. Breslin and Miss Stevens are in Florence.
            Mr. Henry E. Buck, the well-known card-writer who was so popular here last
     year has returned to this city for the summer, and may be found on Congress Street,
     opposite United States Hotel.
          The new Carriage mart of F. O. Bailey & Co., on Plum Street, has a flooring capacity
     of 16,000 square feet.
          Mrs. Mason, who is 103 years old, the oldest lady at the Home for Aged Women,
     walks about the house, wears glasses occasionally for reading or sewing and still
     does her own dressmaking.
          Waite the defaulting president of the Brattleboro Bank was seen in this city, how he
     got away from here does not appear.
          Mr. Warren A. Bidder, of this city, has purchased for $3,000 Andrew J. Chase's
     place in Deering.

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