Wednesday, October 14, 2015


                                                          MAINE MATTERS
          The brothers Huntington, of Richmond, one of whom shot Sheriff Millay, lately
     claim that the sheriff had no proper warrant for forcibly entry of the house occupied
     by them. The controversy is between the owners of an undivided estate.
          Richmond correspondent E. writes: Of the 2,000 migratory quails that come to
     Maine, fifty have been distributed in this vicinity. Considerable excitement prevails
     here over the shooting of Sheriff Millay. It is reported that we are to have a weekly
     paper published here.
          William Sutherland, a carpenter, 35 years old, fell from a ship repairing at
     Houghton's wharf, Bath, last Saturday and was drowned.
         Waite Potter, of Bowdoin, was shot in the jaw by his granddaughter, who was
     practicing with a pistol, last Saturday. She snapped it at him, supposing it was
     not loaded.
          Postal: Jackmantown office is discontinued; Mrs. Catherine Adams is appointed
     post-mistress of Parlin Pond.
          Honorable Thompson H. Murch was re-nominated for Congress by acclamation at
     the Greenback district convention in Belfast on Tuesday.
          Mr. George  Anderson, a student of dentistry at Belfast, who was a teacher of
      English to the Russian officers on the Cimbria at  Mt. Desert, continues to have
      pleasant correspondence with his pupils, who are now scattered over the world.
     The Russians express a desire to visit Maine again.
          Mr. Henry J. Loso has been very successful in transplanting large forest trees at
     Belfast. A white maple he moved in the winter weighed with the mass of earth attached
     to it about ten tons. Last winter he transplanted 131 trees, one of them 14 inches in
     diameter three feet  from  the ground.

          Harvey Tarbell, of Meddybemps, had his left hand cut off in a shingle machine
     at Milltown, on the 19th.
          The Republican convention for the fifth district met at Machias on the 17th, and
     nominated Seth L. Milliken, of Belfast, for Congress, and Seward B. Hume, of
     Eastport for editor. David Tillson and T. R. Simonton were competitors for the
     Congressional nomination.  Mr. Milliken is a native of Camden and about 47 years old.
          The is some scandal afloat in regard to the Methodist clergyman, Rev. John Morse,
     recently transferred from Dexter to Calais, and the presiding elder, it is reported, has
     directed him to cease preaching for the present.

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