Wednesday, October 7, 2015


                                                 MAINE MATTERS
          The wife of Peter Gamage of Lewiston, married a few weeks ago,  died last
     Saturday from the effects of an abortion.
          Honorable W. P. Frye will be unanimously re-nominated for Congress at the
     convention which meets on the 24th.
          The Bates commencement exercises promises to be of unusual interest this year.
     Some of the best musical talent in the country is engaged for the concert to be given
     Tuesday evening, June 29th. There will be a field day, and a reunion of the Class of
     1870. Edward Everett Hale delivers the oration Wednesday evening. The exercises
     begin Sunday, June 27th, and continue four days.
          Dr. Bigelow, lately State Liquor Commissioner, has brought 70 acres of land in
      Livermore, and is to engage in mining.
          Athletic reports were held by the Bates students last Saturday. The winners of the
     several runs, jumps and throws were Hayes, Martin, Woods, Deshon, Judkins, Ranklin,
     and Tarbox, of '80.; Nevens, Sanborn and Rideout, '81,; Carpenter, Norcross and
     McKenney, '82.  The match game  of baseball was won by the Colby's 11 to 10, after
     a warm contest.
          There is a great jam of logs at the Aroostook Falls, in the lumber belonging
     principally to Messrs. Murray and Dunn. Mr. Dunn has 8,00,000 feet caught at
     this place.
          John Gilks, an operative in Titcomb's shingle mill at Houlton, lost his life in a
     shocking  manner on Tuesday 15th. He was holding  a log against the saw, when the
     saw struck him on the head, completely severing the upper part of the head, and
     killing instantly.
          The Yarmouth  brass band serenaded Dr. A. H. Burbank last Friday evening, as an
     expression of gratitude for a liberal donation from this public-spirited citizen.

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