Sunday, October 4, 2015


                                                              CITY ITEMS
                                                      (Glances About Town)

          Mr. Charles J. West, teamster, who was injured some time since by lifting a
     heavy weight, died suddenly from bleeding of the lungs, at his home in Deering,
     on Thursday week; Mr. West was a man much respected; he leaves a wife and five
     children, who have the sympathy of their friends and acquaintances.
          On Thursday week, in a collision on the Western Promenade, Mr. William H.
     Sanborn's horse was killed, and Mr. McCann was thrown out and badly bruised.
          Messrs. Cleaves and Adams have set out this season upon Little Chebeague
     Island, 310 shade tree, and every one is living and growing.
          Dr. Mason proposes a reunion of the former members of the Portland Light
     Infantry, now scattered over the country; if the old boys could all be got together
     they would have a lively time.
          At a concert given at St. Dominick's Hall, on Thursday night of last week,
     Reverend Father McKenna was presented with $500.00
          Dr. Eliphalet Clark, at his resident on Pleasant Street, Woodford's has raised
     an abundant crop of choice strawberries, some of which have measured five and
     five and a half inches in circumference.
          We learn that Mr. E. E. Thaxter, the young sculptor of this city now in Florence,
     Italy, has sold there his statue, "The Reproof,"  for $1,000.
          The following are the officers of the Ocean Street Horse Railroad Company
     for the ensuing year: President, David Moulton; Director, David Moulton, Charles
     Goodridge, Daniel H. Reed; Clerk and Treasurer, Edward P. Payson.
          The creditors of George A. Whitney have accepted an offer of 35 cents on the
     dollar, made by W. H. Sandborn.
          Ira C. Stockbridge has the folio for  June; also "General James A. Garfield's
     Grand March," "The Blue Alsatian Mountains," and "The Lass on Shore."
          Miss Jennie drew was fined $1 without cost for the assault on the editor of the
     Item, as Judge Knight said she had strong provocation.
          It is proposed to divide the Catholic diocese of Maine and New Hampshire, and
     install Father John E. Barry, of Concord, bishop of the new diocese.
         Among the graduates of Smith College at Northampton, Mass., last week, was
     Miss Ida E. Devoll, daughter of  Mrs. Sarah W. Devoll, M. D., of this city.
          Neal Dow is building a block of four houses on Neal  Street, which are intended
     as tenements for medium sized families.
          We have the Auditor's Annual Report, containing the Mayor's address and the
     annual departments reports for 1876-80. It is neatly printed by Messrs. Ford & Rich.
          At Bucknam's tannery, Morrill's Corner, on  Friday week, a rack filled with leather
     fell on Mr. Hugh Little, an employee, and broke his arm.


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