Sunday, October 11, 2015


                                                 MAINE MATTERS
          Vinalhaven has caught the "sea-serpent" where he can be viewed at leisure. Mr.
     J. Goodwillie, of Boston, who has been stopping at Vinalhaven, informed us on
     Monday that on the previous day, he with several other visitors at the island, saw on
     the shore at Lane' Island an immense jelly fish laying twisted in and out among the
     rocks. The head was flattened out very thin, covering an area several feet in diameter,
     while the body was tubular and some four inches in diameter, and probably larger
     when in the water. The whole length, when extended Mr. Goodwillie thought would
      have been nearly sixty feet, and if the creature had been in the water, those who saw
      it had no doubt it would have been taken for the veritable "sea serpent."

          Honorable F. M. Fogg is addressing his constituents in Oxford County this week,
     and next week speaks in the principal towns of Franklin County.
          T. H. T. writes that C. T. Wyman, of Franklin Plantation, has sold his silver mine
     to Messrs. Carleton & Davis, of Portland, who intend to organize a company to work
     it. Grass is looking finely, wheat, rye, and oats are doing well. In every potato field
     bugs are at work.
          Deacon Joel B. Thayer died at Paris, Me., last week, aged 81.

          Susan Pond dropped dead at Bangor Sunday night from heart disease combined
     with  trouble in regard to her husband, who is in jail for breaking into Castine  post
     office. She leaves  three children, two of them in the orphan asylum.
          In a lecture at Bangor, last Friday, Professor W. F. Stewart, the well-known
     geologist said there are now 20 companies in Maine who are at work on mines as
     as good as any in the county, and that Maine ought to encourage these enterprises,
     as the prosperity of the State is involved.
          The Shaw Brothers at Kingman lost $5,000 worth of bark by fire last week.
          Mr. James Hayes, of Bangor, caught a burglar name John Carson in his house one
     night last week, and after a struggle held him until the police arrived. Carson had
     entered the room of a young lady, who screamed for assistance, and he was holding
     hand over her mouth, when Mr. Haynes discovered him.

          The Maine central railroad furnished a special train from Portland for the State
     Congregational Conference at Dover last week. It was  noticed that the smoking car
     remained entirely unoccupied during the trip, and was left off at Waterville. The
     hospitable courtesies of the Dover and Foxcroft people are the theme of praise of all
     the delegates.  The report of the Secretary, Rev. A. S. Park, of Gardiner, shows that
     membership of the Congregational churches in Maine is 21,489, of whom 70 per
     cent. are females. One church has no male members. During the past year 635 have
     been added by confession of faith. More pastors have been settled the past year than
     previously, and there has been an increase of $8,000 in donations to benevolent objects.
      An animated debate was held in regard to issuing a manual of evangelical doctrine and
     of Congregational polity, and the proposition was defeated. Rev. E. Chase of Biddeford
      preached the annual sermon before the Maine Missionary Society. Joshua Maxwell, for
      many year treasurer, reported the present indebtedness to be $3,700. The average salary
      of the missionaries is only $550. The claims of Bowdoin College were presented by
      Dr. Warren of Portland, Professor Ladd, Professor Sewell and others. Bangor Seminary
     was shown to be doing a good work. The standard is much higher than formerly, and
     applicants for admission are sent back for more thorough preparation. The Classical
      School at Hallowell had its claims presented  by Messrs. Burr and Ney. The meeting
      of the Woman's Board of Missions attracted a very large audience. The conference will
      be held next year with the Willston Church, Portland.




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