Wednesday, October 21, 2015


          In Blanchard, April 21st, Forest E. Turner  and Nina E. Boynton.
          In Island Falls, April 12th, Thatcher Dupilsea and Amy Thornton.
          In Waterville, Ernfred Crosby and Minnie Foss.
          In East Corinth, April 22nd, John H. Eastman and Mabel M. McCard.
          In Standish, John S. Whitehouse and Grace R. Quint, both of Hollis.
          In Rockland, Frank M.  Robinson, of Cushing, and Carrie Winifred Varney,
     of Rockland.
          In Fryeburg, April 27th, by Rev. B. N. Stone, Herbert S. Lowd and Ada M. Jacobs,
     both of Conway, New Hampshire.
          In East Fairfield, Herbert Ames, of Fairfield and Susie Huntoon, of Norridgewock.
          In New Portland, April 16th,  Charles Tibbetts  and Dora Buck.
          In East Machias, April 9th, William F. Berry and Mrs. Sadie Fenalson.
          In Machiasport, April 20th, J. J. Wilde and Lillia R. Larrabee.
          In Whitneyville, April 17th, George Blanch and Addie E. McReavey.
          In Bangor, April 17th, Hiram L. Buzzell and Sarah E. Whitney.
          In Rockland, Charles H. McFarland and Grace R. Sylvester.
          In Groveton, New Hampshire, William C. Johnston and Elle M. Forbes.
          In Orland, April 16th, George M. Clement and Mamie Davis.
          In Cambridge, Jessie R. Nutting, of Parkman, and Fredonia F. Willard,
     of Ripley.
          In Cape Elizabeth, April 27th, by Rev. W. M.  Kimmel, Edwin L. Field, Jr.,
     of Gray, and Susan Strout, of Cape Elizabeth.
          In North Vassalboro, April 13th, Russell G. Ayer and Edna A. Priest.
          In Boston, Mass., April 18th, Willard W.Bridges and Elina May Caverly.
          In Holden, April 25th, George W. Jellison and Adelaide M. Kingman.

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