Sunday, October 25, 2015


          In Bowdoinham, April 16th, Susan G., widow of Isaac B.  Hall.
          In Oldtown, April 27th, Ephraim Sawyer, on his 76th birthday.
          In Brownfield, April 8th, Mrs. Nancy Jane Perry, aged 50 years.
          In Paris, Me., April 10th, Cullen L. Carter, aged 63 years.
          In East Fairfield, Mrs. Flora Pendexter  Varney, aged 25 years.
          At Rogue Bluffs, April 17th, Mrs. Sarah A. Watts, aged 58 years.
          In Paris, Me., April 13th, E. Grant Harlow, aged 26 years.
          In Union, April 13th, Hattie A., wife of William E. Cummings, aged 25 years.
          In Lewiston, April 23rd, Edward A. Emmons, aged 70 years.
          In Lewiston, Warren T. Reed, aged 66 years.
          In Lewiston, April 25, Lois W. Mayo, aged 60 years.
          In Bangor, April 26th, Silas L. Plant, aged 21 years.
          In Bath, April 23rd, Mary E., wife of Phillip Marr, aged 50 years.
          In East Summer, April 17th, Mrs. Adeline Robinson, aged 84 years.
          In Jonesport, April 19th, Daniel W. Pendleton, aged 23 years.
          In Pembroke, April 16th, James Sawyer, aged 90 years.
          In Calais, April 13th, Edward T. Sherman, aged 42 years.
          In Charlotte, April 10th, Ambrose H. Lincoln, aged 77 years.
          In Bath, April 23rd, Emma Merle, daughter of Charles and Georgia, aged 6 years
     7 months.
          In Bath, April 24th, Mrs. Mary Judge.
          In Bath, April 25th, Frances A. Gove.
          In Bath, April 16th, James S. Hardy, aged 62 years.
          In Winthrop, April 16th, Mrs. Loviza  (Louisa?) Fitz.
          In Sumner, April 18th, Mrs. Mary Freeman, aged 91 years.
          In Newtonville, Mass., April 28th, Edward W. Hodgson.
          In Parkman, April 22nd, Dr. Josiah Richards, aged 83 years.
          In East Livermore, April 23rd, Mrs. Mary D. Lees, aged 76 year 6 months.
          In Naples, Me., April 23rd, Mrs. F. F. Knight, aged 75 years 8 months.
          In Augusta, April 26th, Hiram McCausland, aged 34 years.
          In Saco, April 21st, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Smith, aged 76 years.
          In Biddeford, April 21st, Charles A. Wardwell, aged 72 years.
          In Saco, April 21st, Mrs. Elrickea Berry, aged 76 years.
          In Auburn, April 20th, Ella L., wife of Greenfield T. Davis, aged 46 years.
          In April 21st, Lucy J., widow of Honorable Edward T. Little, aged 76 years,
     10 months.
          In Durham. April 20th, Mrs. Mercy Vining, aged 85, 7 years 4 months.
           In Monmouth, April 20th, Mrs. Andrew Pinking.
          In Bangor, April 10th, Mrs. Francis E. Sanborn, aged 52 years 6 months.
          In Waverly, April 18th, Charles W. Seavey, formerly of Bangor, aged
     36 years.
          In Bar Harbor, April 13th, Mrs. Mary M. Bunker, aged about 56 years.
          In Salisbury Cove, April 15th, Fayette Campbell, aged 26 years 3 months.
          In Bangor, April 20th, Mrs. Emma J. Giles, aged 72 years.
          In Waterville, April 24th, Hiram P. Cousins, aged 83 years.
          In Levant, April 26th, Mrs. Hannah C. Berry, aged 71.
          In Bangor, April 26th, Mrs. Maria L. Gilmore, aged 65 years.
          In Cambridge, Mass. April 20th, Charles E. Elliot, aged 78 years-a native of
     Presumpscot Falls.
          In Naples, Me., April  23rd,. F. F. Knight, aged 75 years 8 month. (As above)
          In Friendship, April 20th,  James Geyer, aged 72 years.
          In Fairfield, April 18th, Margaret K. Smith, aged 27 years.
          In Dover, April 20th, Martin L. Robinson, aged 87 years.




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