Friday, October 30, 2015


           In Bangor, April 15th, Jennie T. Whittier, aged 59 years.
           In Bangor, April 16th, James Bell, aged 55 years.
           In Biddeford, April 17th, Sarah E. Hackett, aged 69 years.
           In Albion, April 16th, Mrs. Jemima W. Abbott, aged 76 years.
           In Bucksport, April 15th, James S. Hardy, aged 92 years.
           In Sumner, April 18th, Mrs. Mary Freeman, aged 91 years.
           In Friendship, April 16th, Mrs. Mary W. Morton, aged 62 years.
           In Benton, Mrs. Blake  Dow.
           In Auburn, April 11th, P. Augusta, widow of John V. Noyes, aged 73 years.
           In Brunswick, April 14th, George M. Rich, aged 40.
           At Cliff Island, April 29th, Lilly G., daughter of Frank W. and Lizzie
     Griffin, aged 11 years 3 months 1 day.
           In  Belfast, April 27th, Samuel J. Bruce, aged 62 years.
           In Lamoine, April 22nd, James H. Whittaker, aged 63 years.
           In Clifton, April 28th, Hattie M. Sumner, aged 16 years.
           In Rockland, April 22, Alden N. Brown,  aged 71 years 2 months.
           In Rockland, April 25th, Deacon Charles A. Young.
           In Bangor, April 27th, Marion G., widow of Benjamin F. Hawes, Jr.,
     aged 65 years.
           In Bangor, April 16th, Maria Louise, widow of Otis Gilmore.
           In South Orrington, April 25th, Allen A. Hoxie, aged 83 years.
           In Glenwood, April 28th, Charles Jenkins, aged 48 years.
           In Georgetown, March 27th, Mrs. Fannie D. Ratleff, aged 54 years.
           In  Phipsburg, April 22nd, Henry Peters, aged 15 years.
           In Bath, April 29th, Mrs. Rhoda W. Hyde, aged 83 years.
           In Belfast, April 23rd, Hester M. Macomber, aged 62 years.
           In Berlin, April 18th, Mrs. Phebe Haley, aged 72 years, formerly of Alfred, Me.

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